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Si, Senor Corn

By Matt Weston, published on Feb 9, 2007

My friend got married right after college in a very small town in western Michigan. Marshall had cobble-stone streets, an old trust bank, and a fountain quietly jetting out of a limestone bowl. The morning of the wedding brought a parade (and a wedding, eventually). Brass bands marched down the Main Street and people whistled and cheered from the sidewalk. At a break in the parade I stopped to buy some corn on the cob. The cobs roasting near the stand smelled great and looked even better: the healthy yellow of sunflowers. Yet one bite in and ... tasteless. Ditto for the second. “This must be... (more)

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Get the Troops out of El Salvador!

By Matt Weston, published on Feb 4, 2007

On an anti-war march last Saturday I overheard a woman complaining about the Socialists, about how they overreach and “always want to talk about everything at the same time.” She had no way of knowing that she was describing the rotten core of the Iraq anti-war movement. If you were one of the “several thousand” – L.A. Times’ safest estimate ever? – marching in the rain last weekend, you couldn’t help but notice the proliferation of causes on display: signs pleading to Impeach Bush and Stop Bombing Somalia, reminding us What About Katrina? and of Genocide in Darfur and Occupation... (more)

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The Day of the Locust: Apocalypse in L.A.

By Matt Weston, published on Jan 27, 2007

Record-setting low temperatures in Southern California may have destroyed half of an estimated $1.3 billion winter citrus harvest. Up to 70% of the navel orange crop could be inedible. A.G. Kawamura, secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, was quoted in the L.A. Times as saying, "it goes to show that our food supply is not guaranteed by any means." Sound like the sensational hook of dime-store pulp novel? Not quite. For Angelenos, End Times are these times. We live precariously, knowing we are but a discarded cigarette away from utter devastation. Hollywood tapped... (more)

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"Everyone loves a bright white smile"

By Matt Weston, published on Jan 17, 2007

The Hollywood lawyer. The Valley girl. The Sunset Strip debutard. Add to that list: the SoCal dentist. While the others may seem untouchable, if you're free between 12-1pm, this one is a phone call away. I arrive to my first dentist appointment in Los Angeles twenty minutes late and out of breath. I am led to the examination chair and a nautical magazine is offered to me. I take it, appreciating the care with which my empty moments in the office are being filled. The dentist will be right with me. I am in good hands. To thank him, I will be smiling with clean, white teeth when he comes. My smile,... (more)

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