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What no one tells you about Neolith

By Maria Kairuz , published on May 30, 2018

Neolith is getting increasingly popular as a preferred surface material in the UK among people looking for advanced worktop, flooring and wall coverings products. The sintered surface is known to offer a good number of benefits as compared to many other man-made or natural stone materials. Its versatility, the wide arrange of colours available, finishes and thicknesses, makes it a great choice for a host of domestic and commercial installations.

Neolith is made from recyclable, natural materials such as crushed quartz stone and other minerals which go through intense pressure... (more)

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Different Colours of Granite Worktops

By Maria Kairuz , published on Oct 26, 2015

Granite is the hardest material after diamond and ruby, much harder than marble. Every slab of granite is unique with its availability of different patterns, styles and its finishes. Waterproof, scratch resistant and heat resistant, granite is easy to maintain and does not lose its color also, which is why granite worktops are the best choice for any kitchen.. This is one of the most luxurious looking stone types available in the market.

The biggest difficulty that arises is opting for the right color of granite surface. With so many granite colors available in the market, it might... (more)


Granite v/s Quartz Work Surfaces – Which One to Pick

By Maria Kairuz , published on Sep 29, 2015

Confused about which one you should choose? In this article, we discuss the differences between the two that would make it easy for you to pick the one that is ideal for your home.

Every woman dreams of having an ultra-modern kitchen with all the high tech gadgets and fixtures to make her time in the kitchen fun and enjoyable. However, one thing to put some thought to is the kitchen work surface, which can enhance or diminish the look of your kitchen. From glass to stainless steel, granite to quartz, there is no dearth of choices when you go shopping for kitchen surfaces. In... (more)

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Add Solid lustre to your place with Stones Worktops

By Maria Kairuz , published on Aug 27, 2015

We all love to have a tasteful and high-class appeal to our homes and offices and what better than to choose a stone to provide for various surfaces like kitchen tops, worktops, and floors and so on. Nobody misses a good stone surface because the look is unmistakably class apart. But not many a times can one avail a personalized touch with stone surfaces. However Londoners need not bother so much about missing out on a personalized experience because MKW Surfaces in London is one such service provider that will serve your purpose well. They have on offer various brands of stones and make available... (more)

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Redesign your kitchen with Caesarstone

By Maria Kairuz , published on Jul 13, 2015

For bringing forth the durability, style, and power in the design of your kitchen, there is nothing like the natural quartz made Caesarstone. It is capable of resisting itself from blots and clinks, and it can be used in any kind of weather. Moreover, once bought, you need not to worry about the maintenance of the same.

While thinking about home décor, designing the kitchen becomes one of the most important parts. The design should be implemented in such a way, that on one hand it looks good, and on the other hand, the pressure of maintenance is kept at the bare minimum level. In order... (more)

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All you need to know about Silestone and Quartzite Worktops

By Maria Kairuz , published on Jun 8, 2015

As exciting as it is to go in for a refurbishment of your kitchen, choosing the right material for the worktops that make up almost the entire “look” for the kitchen can be equally fun yet frustrating. With the wide variety of choices available in the market that would confuse even the most level headed person, it is important to dig through marketing messages and incomplete data to choose the material that best suits your cooking and lifestyle. Read on to know all about Silestone and Quartzite Worktops if you are considering these as the worktop material of your choice.

Silestone and... (more)

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