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Gas Prices, is Chavez trying to manipulate them?

By manny osborne, published on Jul 22, 2007

With gas prices driving up and down like a rollercoaster, that you never know what to expect when you need to fill up your tank; $3.227 a gallon is the most we had pay in late may. Looks like prices are driving down, is what we saw, of the last seven trading days, prices have fallen in six, oil at $75.73 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchage if there is no problems or concerns on production is going to help drive prices down, of course those news make us happy but for Hugo Chavez (Venezuela's president) those are really bad news early last week he predicted that the price per barrel is going... (more)

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Being Overweight Is Cool Now?

By manny osborne, published on Jul 16, 2007

The crisis of overweight people in America now is changing from being a health problem to be a cool thing, that's how a perceived and is how Mo'nique is trying to present it to us, in the opening act of the BET's awards last month her performance was a imitation of Beyonce's act, and all her back dancers were overweight girls, don't take me wrong was a funny act but that's it, now Mo'nique is trying to promote overweight girls like a sexy cool thing, she's going to have a TV show presenting all those overweight girls the same way magazines and pasarelas promote anorexic girls which they aren't... (more)

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