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Lunch With A Man (homeless)

By Lumiere, published on Jun 21, 2008

Riding on a subway in NYC reminds me of being inside a giant tin can, sometimes when you step onto the train you never know what suprises might await you inside. Today, it happened to be a man (homeless) who captured my curiosity as he wandered onto the other end of the train. He was about 6 feet tall, in his late fifties and was wearing a wrinkle free black t-shirt, a pair of pressed blue jeans and faded black work boots. The thing that struck me about him was although he looked tired he was very polite and well mannered (gentlemen are a rare breed in this city) and he looked well groomed... (more)

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When Government Officials Fuel Hate Crimes

By Lumiere, published on Apr 11, 2008

When Oklahoma ’s State Representative Sally Kern was recently recorded while making several statements like, "Gay's are worst than terrorists," to a private assembly of fifty conservative republicans speaking about her views of the Gay community,she created a public outcry.

If Sally Kern studied World History, then she would have known her actions are very similar to what Hitler did when he created the Nazi Party. According to the international 2007 Hate Crime Survey by the Human Rights First organization, "Bias crimes motivated by sexual orientation, like those motivated by... (more)

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Battling the Holiday Blues

By Lumiere, published on Nov 26, 2007

When the Holiday Decorations begin to shimmer like lights in Las Vegas, a great sense of excitement and nostalgia for the season fill the air. However, lurking in the distance is the Charlie Brown cloud of depression looming not too far behind. Although our holiday events are covered in bright lights and pretty packages, they cause me and many others to analyze and be reminded of how dysfunctional our biological families are or question exactly how fulfilling our lives may or may not be. There are three major anniversaries in my life which rush in with the annual cold winter air of November... (more)

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Art Against The War

By Lumiere, published on Oct 11, 2007

While making copies of a set of keys for my new home at a local hardware store, my eyes were seduced by a silver and red keychain that read, "Freedom is Not Free." Instantly, my mind drifted off to recapture my cousins tearful face as we celebrated her husbands going away party last week, he is a soldier being deployed to Iraq. Her tears were not just for fear of her husbands life now on the line but for the new father who would be leaving her and their infant son behind as he traveled overseas to a war that should be over by now. With thoughts spinning and a clattering keychain clenched in hand,... (more)

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