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Suggestions You Should Know before Buying Wedding Gown

By lonsjiu, published on Jan 10, 2015

All of you know that before the wedding to buy the wedding gown, but do you know how and when do you star to select the wedding dress and wedding accessories? Do you know what should be prepared before buying them? If you are willing to pick up the wedding dress and jewelry in the reasonable price, besides asking for a discount, are there other ways to get cheaper?

Wandering the wedding gown shops are absolutely a manual labor, especially when you are decided to shopping several wedding shops at a time. Besides, you must try every dress that you are fond of, as you know the wedding dress... (more)

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Appeal Easy Chic Fit Everyone

By lonsjiu, published on Jan 5, 2015

There is no denying that the black fit well either the slim or the fat well. It is well known that the black and white should be the colors that will never fade and out of fashion in the fashion world, especially in the winter time, as you don’t have to worry about getting dirty after wearing it for several times, moreover, it is the all-match fashion item for you feel free match different colors of pants. But every coin has two sides, the black seems easy to put on, but it is hard to be shine and it will also give people the impression of boring if you wear it the whole winter time. However,... (more)

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Show Your Ideal Ratio Match Skillfully

By lonsjiu, published on Jan 4, 2015

How to appear beautiful but not cold in the cold weather is the main question annoyed a large number of the women who would like to look stylish all the time. Would like to be warm and not chunky? It is big fashion knowledge. Today we will summarize the skirt and coat or other accessories ideal match in the winter according to the fashion street snap of Hollywood stars, so that you could grasp the perfect ratio between the skirts and coat and stand out in the cold.

The weather which is close to the freezing point, whatever happens, couldn’t block the love beauty heart of the young girls.... (more)

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Latest Beautiful Bracelet Gives You a Sweet Summer

By lonsjiu, published on Dec 31, 2014

As the summer comes, all kinds of beautiful clothing and ornaments have occupied the fashion market gradually, capturing people’s attention with their attractive design. In addition to fashionable clothes, jewelry is always an important leading role in summer because people tend to wear cool clothes and match various ornaments. Today let’s gossip about a kind of hand decoration- bracelet, which is widely used by lots of stylish girls in summer.

A majority of girls likes sweet style because it makes them look prettier. The Lace Cuff Bracelets are such a lovely style which satisfies sweet... (more)

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You Really Deserve: Gold Bowknot Nail Wheel

By lonsjiu, published on Dec 30, 2014

I have a strong belief that every girl has a great affection to bowknot. I deem it is not just because of its beautiful designs, but also it can bring good mood to us. Do you agree with my view? There is no doubt that most of thing have bowknot design in the world especially girls’ skirts, caps, shoes and so on. Have you ever heard your nails can be manicure bowknot design? In the following article, I will introduce one beautiful and enchanting gold bowknot nail wheel to you.

You can’t imagine how excited and happy when I saw this at first sight since bowknot is my favorite. Many thing... (more)

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You Can Pursue Beauty at Home

By lonsjiu, published on Oct 6, 2014

Pursuing beauty is the instinct of human beings, in the same time, it also shows one of human’s ability. When these beauty products are shown to people’s eyes, undoubtedly they are attracted by them. We can take these nail art supplies as an example. Many years ago, this kind of beauty activity was not popular and just accepted by some people, but now it is becoming one of indispensable beauty trend for girls and women.

There is no doubt that a variety of nail art salon springing up in the world. And more and more girls and women would like to manicure their nails in this salon service,... (more)

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How to Pick Timeless Men’s Outfit

By lonsjiu, published on Sep 30, 2014

Every man has his style which shows best their personality. It is truth that men’s outfit has less style when compare with women’s, most of the men wear the formal wear on the office or choose to put on a T-shirt pair with a jean which is their common casual outfit. Therefore, selecting a classic fashion style is seen a good option to avoid the outfit from out of fashion and save more money. What’s more, just add a few new accessories such as men watches, it is enough to appear fashion.

Solids colors of course are seen as the best choice for you. If you want to create the timeless wardrobe... (more)

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Several Tips Highlight Your Outfit in Autumn

By lonsjiu, published on Sep 26, 2014

A woman who is mature enough is more likely to give out a special charming. Not only because of the looks and temperament, but also showed in the outfit collocation which is another way. If someone asking you what the best word to describe woman is, there is no doubt that graceful. No matter how various the style it is, vivid or silence, elegance is always alongside. Which accessories you should choose to accent your outfit? How can you enhance perfect appearance with a simple watch?

There are many taboos when wearing the black outfit, because it is hard to break the depressing and repression... (more)

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Something Embarrassed about Man’s Beard

By lonsjiu, published on Sep 23, 2014

If you are a man, which way will you choose to remove your facial and body hairs? The razor blades or the shavers? Whatever you choose, you just want to embrace a clean appearance. However, do you have come across the following embarrassing things, just have look.

When you wake up the morning of an important meeting with a long beard that needs to be shaved and you find that you have run out of shaving razors, What to do? Just wear the dense and long beard to have the meeting or use the small knife to shave it, undoubtedly it is a little horrible and dangerous. So in this time, prepare... (more)

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Refresh Your Wardrobe in Autumn: Chic Women Watches Deserve

By lonsjiu, published on Sep 20, 2014

A gust of cool wind blows through my face; it seems remind me of the coming of autumn. I can’t help myself sigh with emotion, time pass so fast, I haven’t enough time to feel the smell of the hot summer then is on the turn of autumn. The most important thing is not that but I haven’t worn the sexy dress enough in the summer. However, the weather is getting cooler and cooler now, there are still hundreds and thousands of outfit and accessories for you to choose and create the “autumn sexy”! Don’t let your long sleeves hide your watch! If you said wearing watch in summer is just a show of attitude... (more)

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