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Free Speech Under Assault ... From BOTH Sides

By LogicalSol, published on Jul 26, 2007

Was this from Keith Olbermann of MSNBC? No. From Hillary Clinton or other potential Presidentail Democrat nominees? No. Was this from and the George Soros outfit funding that site and his "I hate the GOP" agenda? No. This statement was offered by Mississippi Republican Trent Lott. During President Bush's National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast as te Commander-in-Chef littered his audience with Spanish phrases to thank those cnstitents for their stance on the "comprehensive immigration bill", called the initial death of the immigration bill as those "talk radio people who don't even... (more)

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Apple Slices, One Bite @ A Time

By LogicalSol, published on Jun 16, 2007

I'm old enough to remember when the first personal computer rolled out in one gigantic piece. It was small. Stood 14 inches high and 8 inches wide on a desk. The silent, cyclops screen stared blankly out at its new audience in its puked oatmeal-hued casing. I'm lying. It came with its peripheral siblings: a QWERTY keyboard and something called a "mouse". Had neat drop-down menus to choose from, too. Even a new way to know when you'd deleted files long gone: Oscar the Grouch's trash can came into geek prominance. But this small, simple, one-piece machine would revolutionize its name, the... (more)

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