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5 Easy Ways To Purchase Gifts For Makeup Lovers

By Lisiana Carter, published on Dec 12, 2016

We, ladies, love our beauty stash and we never take a break building up our collection. Naturally, when we receive an item meant for our beautifying purposes, it’s always a welcome present.

Sadly, hardly do cosmetics given to us by our family or friends meet our standards or at least our preferences. Keep that in mind whenever you’re planning to buy makeup for all the gorgeous women in your fabulous life.

This or that? How to shop makeup for others

Makeup is not an easy gifting idea at all. First, you need to consider personal preferences then, there’s the full... (more)

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7 Things You Didn't Know About Cellulite

By Lisiana Carter, published on Sep 27, 2016

So, you think you’re the only person in your circles who is battling with cellulites? Think again.

Before you start lamenting over the lost smoothness and tightness of your legs and buns, and raid the market for skin firming creams and be on the hunt for the best cellulite cream, get to know thy enemy first.

7 facts about cellulites you’ve probably never heard until now

1. Nobody is exempted from cellulites. Well, practically nobody. Experts estimate that as much as 90% of women have this condition, albeit, in various levels of severity, as follows:

Grade 1: There... (more)

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Best Natural Remedies For Arthritis Joint Pain

By Lisiana Carter, published on Oct 22, 2015

Arthritis remedies natural effects can help a person with arthritis deal with the pain and help to offset the long-term problems that can result from arthritis. When you are looking arthritis remedies natural effects, you need to take a look at how the remedies reduce the effects of arthritis. The arthritis remedies natural effects deal mostly with slowing the degeneration of the joints and pain management. When you start to feel the pain that arthritis can create, you need to get to a doctor immediately. The longer that you wait to have your symptoms treated, the worse the condition... (more)

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Food To Ease Menopause In This Valentine's Day

By Lisiana Carter, published on Feb 13, 2014

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you want to have a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. He’s in great health, and can eat anything; you, however, are in perimenopause, and you need to give consideration to your diet to prevent, or ease the severity of menopausal symptoms. You can still go out on the town, or make that romantic dinner for two at home – just pay special attention to the menu.

What Not to Eat

If your primary menopausal symptom is hot flashes and night sweats, it’s a good idea to avoid foods that precipitate them and use menopause supplement. So, for your dinner,... (more)


How Menopause Symptoms Hamper Sex?

By Lisiana Carter, published on Jan 30, 2014

There are several symptoms of menopause which can have a detrimental effect upon an otherwise healthy sex life,not only for women,but for their partners as well. Women who experience severe menopausal symptoms may experience a decrease in libido, hot flashes,depression, and dyspareunia, or in layman's terms, painful intercourse. Understanding the causes is just the beginning of solving the problem. There are effective treatment options available to help bring relief for, and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause.

The effects of decreasing estrogen levels... (more)


How to deal with menopause effectively?

By Lisiana Carter, published on Nov 21, 2013

About menopause and menopause stages Menopause is a natural phenomenon and is defined as the final menstrual period in which ovary stops producing estrogen and progesterone hormones. It is confirmed when a woman fails to get her period for 12 consecutive months. It happens due to aging, when the levels of estrogen and other hormones fall down. It occurs usually after the age of 40 years and sometimes around the age of 51.

There are four stages of menopause:

Pre - menopause: In this stage the entire reproductive period up to the last menstrual cycle is included, according to some... (more)

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