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The Expanding Alliance between Azerbaijan and the USA

By Lindsay Edwards, published on Jun 24, 2014

When you think of investing in a country in Eastern Europe, it’s quite common to think of Russia. This is because it’s perceived to have a fair amount of industries that are easy to invest in. There is, however, an alternative to investing in Russia. Azerbaijan is becoming one of the most popular places to invest in as companies and corporations from the Untied States turn to this great country to look for investment opportunities. For example, companies like Georgia Gas, led by Anar Mammadov have grown the company hugely by following this trend.

The Country of Azerbaijan

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Are Store Cards Still Worth Having in Your Wallet?

By Lindsay Edwards, published on Mar 30, 2014

As people are trying to minimise the amount of debt they have in the wake of the recession, the retail credit card industry has been forced to change. It is usually the first thing that people pay off and get rid of, and with good reason: store credit cards often have eyewateringly high interest rates and the late fee penalties that would make you want to cry.

With all this in mind, the average consumer may wonder whether opening or carrying a retail store card is worth it at all. Well, the answer is different for everyone; however, there are a few criteria that you can take into account.

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