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Plea from the self

By LaurenK, published on Oct 25, 2011

Do you know me?

Do you feel me?

Can you meet my every need?

Sleeping and feeding,

Protecting, believing

Lest I shrivel and die

In the worn down basket

You pocketed me in

Time and time again.

Listen here,

Hear me now

You will not do without me

You cannot know how.

You want to take control

In that tight little head

All cool, calm and


Why won’t you just let me be?

You listen to those in the outside

Letting them rule your fears,


Joys... (more)

Tags: integrity, ego, the self, self respect


By LaurenK, published on Oct 21, 2011

Click. Swit.

The sounds soothes me. I immediately feel the tightness in my chest relax as I sink into bliss. I love my life. I bounce around with the colours that buzz around me – flick, flick, flitter-flutter. Always something new, always something different, each day exciting and yet its familiarity secures me. I scrunch my toes as I bathe in the pixels. Yup, I have all I need.


From the time I can remember I have sat like a yogi master in front of the box, control in one hand I felt as though I was ready to take on anything in the world. From this time, whenever... (more)


The curse of always

By LaurenK, published on Oct 14, 2011

Small trinkets of treasured moments

Glued memory fragments

Living to remember

An energy from something

On the tip of my tongue

The short ecstasy

the long burn

Rip and tear in spite,

My outward composure tight

with a twist of a smile

What happened to my soul on those days

Those faded days

What etched a mark that binds me to

that binds me to...

That binds me to something

I cannot escape?

The death and rebirth

The hours, the hours,

the raven sitting... (more)

Tags: love, creativity

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