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Fear & Loathing in L.A.

By Lara E. Seltzer, published on Feb 21, 2007

Yesterday as I was sitting on the couch, knowing I needed to write, something crept into me. It was fear. Fear of succeeding, fear of not succeeding, fear of not being good enough, and fear that nothing good will ever come; that I’m working in vain. Fear. I’ve never felt it so strongly before. I guess cause I’m so close I could almost taste it. It can be paralyzing, but fear is also one of the best motivators. It made me spring right off the couch, yell “Fuck that!’ and defiantly turn on my lap top and get into it. It was amazing what flowed out. Truly great stuff and before I knew... (more)


Menu of Singledum

By Lara E. Seltzer, published on Oct 17, 2006

It was my turn. I self consciously placed a week’s worth of Lean Cuisine meals and Cottage Cheese Doubles on the check out counter. As I watched them roll towards the cashier, I could feel people staring. The pity was just pouring off the lady behind me as she grabbed a half-eaten chocolate mess from her crying, Hershey’s covered son. “That’s so sad…” was written on all of their faces. This wasn’t the first time. I’m always conscious of how ridiculous it looks buying food for one. Like when you see an elderly woman buying fifty cans of cat food and a box of depends. Or when I’m... (more)

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