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Welcome UN Delegates!

By Lainie, published on Sep 25, 2007

Every year towards the end of September, the United Nations holds its annual general assembly meeting. And every year during this event, New York City plays host to an assortment of the world’s most favorite diplomats, dictators and despots. And since I live in Tudor City which is directly across the street from the UN and basically “diplomat central”, I am privy to all sorts of sights and sounds. This year the event started off literally with a bang when on Friday night the UN had a fireworks display over the East River. I admit it was quite an unexpected and lovely sight to behold.... (more)

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye Beavers Have Returned to New York City!

By Lainie, published on Feb 25, 2007

After a 200 year absence, it was reported this week that beavers, which grace New York City’s official seal, have returned to the Big Apple. More precisely, a beaver was videotaped swimming up the Bronx River this past Wednesday. “It had to happen because beaver populations are expanding and their habitats are shrinking, said Dietland Muller-Schawarze, a beaver expert from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry. “We’re probably going to be seeing more beavers in the future.” Beavers held a prominent place in the city’s early days when fur... (more)

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Thanks...But No Thanks

By Lainie, published on Feb 14, 2007

Last week on CNN I saw that New York State Senator Carl Kruger wants to introduce legislation to ban the use of handheld devices (i.e. iPods, Blackberries, cell phones, etc.) on city streets. He cites the danger users face as they absentmindedly listen to an iPod or talk on a cell phone and walk straight into moving traffic. He mentioned there have already been three deaths in his Brooklyn district since September and in one instant bystanders screamed, “look out” but to no avail. Kruger wants offenders to be fined $100 for this transgression. "Government has an obligation to protect... (more)

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