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Lost In Translation: The Chinese English Translator

By Ladymaggic, published on Jun 3, 2008

Here are some of the things I learnt in China, from Translators who work as Translators translating Chinese into English.

You can see some of their published Public efforts on "Lost with Translation"Forum at ActiveEnglishSpeaking...AES

Don't crack a joke. Its taken seriously and you end up with anhurt person who feels they have lost face because you laughed. eg 'Oh!!! You really are being silly...' is taken to mean, 'you are silly' Don't try to correct their English. Because they translated it, it has to be correct. Don't try and explain a joke. You get into more hot water... (more)

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Cherie: Daredevil Darling Of The Skies

By Ladymaggic, published on Apr 6, 2008

Cherie Carter is a dare-devil of the skies. She has always loved speed and danger, and when she discovered Sky-diving, her life revolved around the sport.

Last year she jumped her 600th jump and she had just turned 60 years old, or is it 60 years young? Cherie will never grow old…she just does not have the time.

Every possible weekend finds Cherie heading for the Dive Zone carting her equipment in a matching bag.

Intrigued, I asked Cherie some questions.

Why does a cute little lady like you want to throw herself out of a plane?

Cherie... (more)

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Bullying: Bullies Lack Self Esteem

By Ladymaggic, published on Apr 3, 2008

Bullying: Bullies Lack Self Esteem

Students in Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities often have problems associated with their self image. They develop into Adults with low self esteem, and many people in some responsible positions, hold questions of self doubt as to their abilities and cause stress to others because they hold low opinions of their own selves.

If we can give our children something they can hold forever, it should be faith in their own selves, and self esteem. Much of the issues today with teenagers being out of control and not having belief in their own... (more)


Who Stole The Easter Bunny ...easter 2008

By Ladymaggic, published on Mar 24, 2008

Marguerite Carstairs©

Easter Bunny, Meet Chocolate Jesus

I did not even know it was Easter. Someone online said they were going to Melbourne for the Easter break, and I asked if we were getting one too, and was told China does not celebrate Easter, so there was no holiday, so I lost Interest in Easter, as a holiday meant I could have traveled somewhere.

On Friday evening I joined another International Friend for Dinner at the Sofitel Buffet. Now this was a very... (more)

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The Invasive Cell Phone

By Ladymaggic, published on Mar 7, 2008

The first portable phones were the size of a small suitcase. Today, a mobile can be held in a closed fist, or even located in a tooth. The price has come to a level that almost everyone can afford, and everywhere you go, addicted individuals have mobiles attached to their ears, or are doubled over texting messages to other addicts.

The phone has the power to take precedence over real people. Watch how everyone responds to the ringing of a phone, and watch the same people respond to a call from the people around them. A house can be on fire, and you will see people texting... (more)

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In Praise Of Older Woman: Man's Best Aphrodisiac

By Ladymaggic, published on Feb 28, 2008

Sixty Reasons why Older Women make the best Friends, Lovers and Mates for Younger Men and Mature Men who can appreciate their qualities and skills

They are mature and ripe like fine wine, and are at the peak of their life, which is rich in experience and living and loving They are experienced in many areas of life, including sex They don’t have periods and make messes in beds and the bathroom, and they don’t have moods and depressive states They don’t use a whole roll of toilet paper each time they use the toilet, and I have no idea why young women use heaps of paper, but they do They... (more)

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Man's Search For The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

By Ladymaggic, published on Feb 22, 2008

Man’s Search for the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Throughout the generations Man has always been on the search for that ultimate Aphrodisiac that gives that ultimate enhanced performance. Whether it is for the one evening, or with constant and regular use, improved and improving performance capabilities, the search for the miracle potion or notion continues.

The search has been greater in China, Korea, Japan and India, where the smaller physique, has led to the concept that personal attributes would also be smaller, so the necessity for stamina and enhanced performance is necessary for... (more)

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Unusual Foods: What Foods Would You Not Eat????

By Ladymaggic, published on Jan 8, 2008

Unusual Foods, or Food that is Different to a Caucasian Westerner What is the strangest food you have eaten or seen served, or read about? Travelling and living and working in different countries and cultures has often led me into sitting staring at something served on a plate in front of me that I either just do not wish to eat, or the odour of which, to me, is absolutely appalling. Let me try and explain some incidents when I have not been able to eat the meal placed in front of me. Recently, in Korea, I was taken to lunch by a very attractive Korean girl, who took me to a Restaurant and... (more)

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Travelling Man: China In Winter

By Ladymaggic, published on Jan 7, 2008

Traveling the World: China in Winter The world is full of wonderful places and experiences, and those who have the love of adventure seek new places to visit and explore.

This month is vacation for many people. In the North it is winter, and in the south it is summer. Northern based folks like to travel south for the warmth, and southern based people head for the beaches and the mountains, or travel to exotic cities and Festival Venues following advertising stories or shows.

It was quite by accident that I visited Beijing and the Great Wall of China last January. I was looking... (more)

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