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Conditions Of The Avatar Age, Pt Ib: Icons, Eye Candy, Iam?

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 12, 2008

The basic thesis lies in this: the more we define ourselves in words and pictures, that we then see, the more we are creating a "mirror" that is not reflective, but instead reflexive, ie, representing a momentary understanding and/or desire of who we "are". In particular given than this mirror self has a life of its own beyond our control -- ie, when we are offline -- the avatar/profile/etc begins to act as a stand-in or double for us, and operates in relationships with others, who respond to our avatar increasingly instead of our offline, mutable selves.

When we return to... (more)

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Conditions Of The Avatar Age, Part I: Of Icons & Eye Candy

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jun 3, 2008

ABOUT ME, FAVORITE BOOKS, FAVORITE MOVIES, FAVORITE MUSIC, QUOTES, PROFILE PICTURE: these are the beams and drywall of your constructed self for sale. Surely, anyone who has made their way to this site has completed these questions at least once (and likely many times) in the past few years -- and, besides, has returned to update his or her responses.

Perhaps you regretted an addition or omission and returned immediately thereafter. Are you quick to answer, or do you mull over each list? Whether you seize on the nonchalance of the Slapdash Self or prefer the Serious, Sensitive Self,... (more)


100 Is The New 90! 150 Is The New 100! Snake Oil On Sale Too

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Mar 31, 2008

As it so often is with the way of perceived "progress," new technologies are roundly and summarily referred to technological "advancements." Our languages of new and better have been long intertwined -- so much so that few of us take note at these linguistic ellisions. But are we becoming dependent, creatures of habit and technological crutches, reliant on devices and chemicals (both seen and not), decisions far from ourselves and systems into which we have no feed? Are these new "advancements" truly that? Whose causes do they advance?

This article and its framing question (as in... (more)

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The Dangerous Liasons Of Client #9, And Other Morality Plays

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Mar 17, 2008

Here in myopic New York it is easy to assume that our news is yours, too, but let me start out by a little "factual" review: as of 1 pm today, Elliot Spitzer (D), New York's 54th governor, will be resigning in the wake of a scandal revealing his involvement in a prostitution ring. Amongst the facts revealed over the past week was that this vehemently moral crusader was largely responsible for the investigatory task force that ultimately did him in. It made me wonder if he didn't in part intend or hope for this to happen, as so many who find themselves in the unintended, human morass of questionable... (more)

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I'd Like To Thank My Sponsor

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Mar 6, 2008

Picture this. You're sitting at the bar, sipping a drink and waiting for friends to arrive. A demographically-correct-for-the-location, not-overly-perfect-but-at-the-same-time- charismatic, appealing young guy/gal approaches you and starts up a conversation.

The chatting is easy, he/she has a good sense of humor, you get to talking about drinks. Without gushing, he/she tells you that of late his/her drink of choice has changed, how did it happen, insert funny anecdote here.

All across America and beyond, barflies and others in their natural habitat have fallen victim to... (more)


The Red Carpet Of The Pink Slip

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Feb 16, 2008

While I was perusing the back pages of my local free paper my attention turned to the now-standard-fare "medical research" ads located there. As someone who has long known the Make-Rent-and-Bills-Hustle, there have been more-than-one-hand's-fingers times that I have considered these myself.

But both in real life and in fictional dramatization has this gone awry; the point is, you sign at the dotted line and if changes are irreversible, you have nothing on 'em...

In relation to this I couldn't help but thinking of the Tuskegee experiments. In the last few days I have... (more)

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"What One Can"; Or, Self-fulfilling Prophecies Unpacked

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jan 28, 2008

"I shall have no illusions and do only what I can."

I first came upon this phrase a few months ago, tucked deep away in fairly dense text, nearly lost in the muddle of it all. At first glance, it is deceptively simple. We understand it. We consider illusions. We consider what we "can" do... but wait. Read it again.

"I shall have no illusions and do only what I can." Hmmm.

Despite myself, despite the author and the book and the context (of no consequence here) the phrase took a liking to me. Or perhaps my mind was ripe for its planting.

In either... (more)

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A Love Hate Relationship With A City In Which Neither Sleeps

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jan 23, 2008

New York: A Meditation

I approach the positive and negative visions of my city tentatively. Like one we love dearly both of these emotions shudder in repeated waves through my heart and body, taking stock of my exhausted feet and tormented ears, my overstimulated senses and never-closed eyes, my olfactory both abused and delighted, my tastes runneth over.

Myself: native, daughter of many generations, and those have watched neighborhood and city change and change again, and in its insistance for so doing, remain always the same. I cannot help but feel nostalgia for the... (more)

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Of Wealth, Death, And Other Tragedies Of Our Time

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Jan 22, 2008

The New York Times City Blog this afternoon opened as follows: "The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan, according to the New York City police. Signs pointed to a suicide or an accidental overdose, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28." It struck me how much is laid visible simply in our reactions to such an event: people are divided on the tragic nature of a single death when there is so much widescale atrocity. blog comments from readers in New York and beyond exhibited, in turns, sincerity, inanity ("we would expect this of britney but not... (more)

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A day in the beautiful-people-neighborhood...for a price.

By L DeSilva-Johnson, published on Apr 29, 2007

As on many mornings, I woke up to a breakfast partially consistent of a lengthy perusal of the online New York Times. The Times has its friends and enemies, the second group enhanced by the paper's seemingly endless parade of ads for several-thousand-dollar handbags and the like. Despite this, I have generally joined the former camp, appreciating intelligent treatment of a variety of issues, particularly contemporary education and science, as well as more local ones: articles about the city and region particularly draw attention to a range of interests and rarely favor a upper-class, consumerist... (more)

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