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Mobile Health Tools That Can Change Your Life

By kunwarpal, published on Apr 16, 2014

Did you know that portable health apps and accessories are making leaps and bounds toward increasing our lifespans? Whether we're monitoring our caloric intake, taking incremental steps toward fitness goals, or examining diagnostic stats, the overall effect is greater control over our wellness. Here are a few pivotal apps and accessories that are changing the way we interface with our devices and our health.


Fitbit cornered the wearable fitness tracker and mobile app combo early, releasing their first clip-on tracker back in 2008. Since then, they've come out with... (more)


How to Fix Power-Draining iOS 7.x Settings

By kunwarpal, published on Apr 15, 2014

Updates to iOS 7 have been churned out rather quickly this year to address network provisioning, the major SSL authentication fiasco, and to add CarPlay functionality. Unfortunately, many users are suffering from increased power drainage, because features get reset during each update.

Companies can easily suffer from these minute changes: Their device batteries yield much fewer productive hours than they used to. IT departments have been advised to gather in-house devices and check the following settings, which should reduce battery drain.

Turn off background app refresh

... (more)

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The Outlook for Real Estate Markets in 2014? Sunny!

By kunwarpal, published on Apr 14, 2014

It’s amazing how time has a way of transforming even the bleakest of circumstances. A very short time ago the real estate market was in total upheaval and the lending industry had fallen flat on its face.

Doom and gloom were the order of the day. Thanks to sharper lender practices and an improving economy, the real estate market is not only on its way back, but most experts are asserting that the housing market is in full recovery.

Factors that come into play

The real estate market is highly responsive to a number of variables that affects its ability to stabilize.... (more)

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Home Offices are the Latest Real Estate Trend for Businesswoman

By kunwarpal, published on Apr 9, 2014

If you pay attention to some of the latest trends for home offices, you might recognize the potential for an enormously advantageous shift in your busy schedule. Wouldn’t you love to have the space to work from your own home?

Eliminate stray cords

Given how many electronic devices are likely to be used in a home office, it can be too easy for the space to become overrun with power cords around the room. Devise a system for organizing your electrical cords underneath your desk. Purchase tools that keep charging stations in a specific place, and that can make a big difference... (more)

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