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Predictive Analytics Solutions: Improve Customer Experience

By Kriti, published on May 7, 2017

Predictive Analytics has a very important role to play in the health care, medical, retail, e-commerce and manufacturing industries. Predictive Analytics with the help of decision analysis and optimization plays a very important role in recommendation engines and search advertising. These advertising techniques provide the executives and managers of an organization with decision-making tools which help in revenue forecasting, sales, upselling, optimization and manufacturing, and also new product development.

Predictive Analytics plays a major catalyst in improving customer experience.... (more)


Did You Know These 3 Things About Your Car Insurance ?

By Kriti, published on Jan 27, 2017

Buying vehicle insurance is mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicle Act. So, most people buy an insurance policy, just for the sake of it. Only a handful of them take interest in the intricacies. As a result, many a times you end up paying more for the policy.

There are people, who buy third party insurance policy because it is cheaper than the comprehensive insurance, but the fact is, after any damage to the vehicle they are the one to suffer a loss.

So, not paying attention to your vehicle insurance can cost you more than it should. Thus, here are three things that one should... (more)

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Solar Energy – Sustainable Way to Use Energy & Reduce Carbon

By Kriti, published on Jan 4, 2017

The recent growth of industries globally, has led to a surge in the energy demands. This energy demand if not met strategically can lead to severe energy crisis in the near future. Electricity is one such form of energy that enables the working of different commercial, industrial as well as residential units.

At present, life without electricity is beyond imagination. Each day our daily activities, be it at our home or office or at a recreational spot is aided by electricity. So, to ensure that all these activities are not affected, there is a need to use the available power sustainably... (more)

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3 Ways to Benefit your Business through Office Insurance

By Kriti, published on Dec 15, 2016

Do you own a small business and looking for some ways to save money on your commercial insurance? A combined policy that has a range of insurance coverage will be more suited to your needs. In such a situation, an office insurance policy will work great for you. This type of insurance is specially designed for small to medium-sized companies and provides insurance shield by combining standard forms of liability and property protection.

Insurance companies provide certain plans that suit almost every industry and aims to get the business owner the maximum coverage. Most of these include... (more)

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Don’t Overlook These 4 Factors When Comparing Car Insurance

By Kriti, published on Dec 1, 2016

When buying car insurance, you consider a number of factors before jumping on to a final decision. You work smartly and compare car insurance quotes from different companies so as to get a great deal. Even after acting wisely all through the decision process, you sometimes overlook comparing different car insurance companies and commit a big mistake. By evaluating the quotes and rates of different companies, you can, however, save a lot of money.

Right from the financial stability of the company to its consumer track record, there are a plethora of factors that demands due consideration.... (more)

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Register a Company in Dubai- Things Every Business Must Know

By Kriti, published on Oct 25, 2016

Located on the southeast coast of Persian Gulf, Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE. It’s an ambitious city that has constantly reinvented itself to provide the best living environment for its citizens. Known for its extravagant hotels and glitzy shopping malls, Dubai is way ahead of most other cities in the world. Counted among the biggest business destinations in the world, Dubai is home to a large number of companies.

What Makes Dubai an Attractive Business Destination ?

For starters, Dubai enjoys a strategic location. It is the perfect gateway between the eastern and... (more)

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Buying Car Insurance Online – Myths Debunked

By Kriti, published on Oct 14, 2016

Internet has made our lives easier by making transactions faster. Net banking, online shopping and such online activities are very common these days. Buying or renewing the car insurance online is another task which is frequently done online.

Therefore, here are 7 myths that have been debunked with the fact:

1.“Buying Car Insurance online is costlier”

One of the biggest myths that are prevalent around online transaction is that it is costly. But, the fact is online insurance is cheaper than offline insurance. Also, you can clearly see the other discounts that are given... (more)

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Home Insurance-Meaning, Importance and the Process of Buying

By Kriti, published on Sep 27, 2016

Buying a home is a dream shared by countless people across India. Most people want to own a beautiful home where they can live comfortably. However, due to high demand, the prices of homes in India are quite high. So much so that in major cities like Delhi and Mumbai, many people simply can’t afford to buy a home.

A home is an expensive purchase. In fact, buying a home is the most expensive financial investment most people will ever make. Many people spend their savings of a lifetime on buying a home so that they can provide a comfortable living environment to their family. A home is... (more)

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Establish your Business in Dubai Free Zone & Earn Profit

By Kriti, published on Aug 12, 2016

Establishing or expanding your business in the federation of seven emirates, UAE is no more an impossible task. The advantageous location of this place has attracted many investors and organizations to setup their businesses in and around the area. To register a business in Dubai, one needs to have sufficient knowledge and understanding about Dubai’s market. Moreover, every business has its own merits and demerits about which the investor must be thoroughly aware of. He must understand his business operations and the legal aspects of doing business in the emirates.

Free Zone Company

... (more)

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Buying General Insurance Online - Do your Homework

By Kriti, published on Aug 8, 2016

When choosing a general insurance, we all look for a plan that provides comprehensive coverage. Although, picking an appropriate policy is not the only thing that matters. To make the maximum use of your policy, it is important to pick a reliable insurance company that offers quality services without any hassle. It’s a decision that cannot be taken lightly.

Over the years, many small and big ventures (both state-owned and private) have established their names in the insurance industry. Each of them has plethora of policies available as per the different needs of their clients. This raft... (more)

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