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Waitress The Movie: Serving Up A Wry Slice Of Pie

By KLiedle, published on Dec 6, 2007

Somehow, somewhere along the line, I realized that I just didn't get it--the maternal instinct-- women are supposed to just have. Between making mud pies in the backyard, climbing trees, writing silly plays and baking cookies (a girly talent I do have), I didn't have time (or the inclination) to imagine my Ëœfairy-tale wedding' or Ëœthe beautiful babies I'd make.' That isn't to say that I'm a total 'marriage and mommy' cynic or that I'd never become a mom, but...I'll be honest, I'm certainly not jumping for joy for baby showers or wedding showers or really any showers that don't involve...water.... (more)

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From It Girl To Drive-Thru Rehab

By KLiedle, published on Oct 18, 2007

After the demise of Hollywood's studio system, sweeping changes occurred throughout the entertainment industry. The studios no longer held the reins of their own empire. By the late '50s, independent producers began making their own movies and actors and other industry professionals faced both the insecurities (and freedom) of being free agents. Hollywood was forced to deal with stars and movie-making much differently than they had in the past. Under the new system, sometimes referred to as "New Hollywood", there are still talent scouts, agents, publicists, and studio executives, but their roles... (more)

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Hollywood's Studio System: The End Of An Era

By KLiedle, published on Oct 13, 2007

The Hollywood studio system's grand demise occurred during the time between the Great Depression and U.S. entry into World War II. In 1948, the U.S. Department of Justice sued the major studios for anti-competitive practices. In what is now called the Paramount Decision, the court ruled against the studios, and according to The Oxford History Of World Cinema, the court called for the immediate "divorce of production and exhibition and the elimination of unfair booking practices." In another hallmark decision, actress Olivia de Havilland, most known for her role in the feature film, Gone... (more)

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Diversity In Entertainment Becoming More Mainstream

By KLiedle, published on Sep 26, 2007

The minority report of entertainment today is starting to look up. With success from shows such as Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy, it finally appears that diversity’s gone, well, almost mainstream. This year, UCLA did a study titled, “Hollywood’s Race/Ethnicity and Gender-Based Casting: Prospects For A Title VII Lawsuit” that studied casting breakdowns posted on Breakdown Services, the entertainment industry’s primary source for casting, for a period of three months last year. According to the study, as reported in back in January, most (94%) of breakdowns specified... (more)

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Dance: Your Escape From

By KLiedle, published on Sep 25, 2007

For rather sophisticated creatures, we humans have certainly learned how to box ourselves in, while seemingly fulfilling every self-fulfilling prophecy that crosses our brainwaves. We're experts at limiting ourselves, withholding our own potential, and giving up our goals before we've even given ourselves a fighting chance to succeed. This is especially true when it comes to fitness. Why else do you think that the number of Americans considered obese continues to rise? Waistlines grow because cynicism is easy, indifference has gone mainstream, failed resolutions are expected, and when... (more)

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Understanding And Managing Parkinson's Disease

By KLiedle, published on Sep 22, 2007

When my great aunt Val announced to us that she had Parkinson's disease, our family shrugged it off. Even in her 70s, Val was the most vibrant and active member of our family. She regularly held parties at her favorite restaurants, kept in touch with friends and danced her nights away. The effects of Parkinson's disease can vary widely among individuals. The disease's symptoms can include difficulty with balance and walking, slow movement, stiffness in the limbs, tremors and trouble swallowing or talking. Parkinson's is considered both a chronic disease (meaning it persists over time) and a... (more)


Big Love for HBO's "BIG LOVE"

By KLiedle, published on Sep 11, 2007

When reality shows hijacked the networks a few years ago, I thought intelligent television was over. What was bad became awful and when things got as low as they could go, they somehow got lower. Oddly enough, reality shows brought ratings up; someone was watching them. Not me though. I cancelled my cable. I started watching the evening news and shutting the TV off, spending the rest of my evening curled up watching a big screen movie on my home-sized "little screen." Then something odd happened, movies got bad-really bad, and suddenly TV writing got really good. Some of the industry's best film... (more)

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Greece Fires: A Country Under Siege

By KLiedle, published on Aug 28, 2007

Unfortunately, there is no towel large enough and no amount of baking soda that can save Greece from the fires that have ravaged the country since Friday, August 24. I had not immediately grasped the enormity of the situation until I saw a NASA photograph taken from space. Seeing that blew my mind; Greece was, and is, clearly under siege. Often, tragedy brings about both ingenuity and heroism, as demonstrated by George Dimopoulos in Makistos, Greece via The New York Times: When the water ran out, with pine cones popping and the flames still high around his house, George Dimopoulos switched... (more)

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Movie Stars: The Studio System

By KLiedle, published on Aug 25, 2007

The Hollywood studio system, which was especially influential during the 1920s and 1930s, is credited with producing some of the most legendary stars. In those early years, studios spent a considerable amount of money to help locate, establish, and groom potential stars. A typical studio in this era provided both training and coaching for its most promising recruits--almost always at its own expense. It was in 1935 when the talent scout profession first emerged on a large scale. That same year, Ladies Home Journal published the top ten places where talent scouts found potential stars. Places... (more)

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Movie Stars: How "The Star" Was Born

By KLiedle, published on Aug 22, 2007

Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Dietrich, and Dimaggio, Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean, on the cover of a magazine... (from Vogue, lyrics by Madonna) Most of these names would mean nothing without the advent of motion pictures-for the motion picture brought with it the modern conceptualization of the movie star. Traditionally, movie historians have credited the public with initially creating the movie star system. Marilyn Monroe herself believed that the public chose its "stars", but it was the studios that "tried to make a system out of it." However, if the public did indeed create the movie star,... (more)

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