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How to write an amazing song

By kk01011991, published on Jul 8, 2017

Writing a good song isn’t an easy business, if you are unclear about where and how you want to start. These tips will guide you through the process of writing a song and help you find your beat.

Theme of the Song

Before you begin to pen down a song, it is important that you are clear to yourself about what you want the song to portray. The subjects of a song can be of an endless variety. However, it is to be kept in mind that a good song is almost always one that resonates with songwriter.

There are a few steps, which can be used to decide on the theme. The first... (more)


How has American shopping changed?

By kk01011991, published on Aug 22, 2016

American consumerism is all about shopping but more specifically women’s shopping, which is done mostly by women. It is to be noted that most women, especially most women with families shop for everybody, but they also shop for themselves. Shopping- online or manual, forms a massive support for the American economy. Shopping has also changed in a major way; especially with the advent of online shopping. Online shopping is big everywhere, but the US economy has supported online consumerism far longer than any other place. Shopping- especially women’s shopping, i.e., shopping for clothes, jewellery... (more)


Best Android Apps For VoIP Services

By kk01011991, published on May 2, 2016

Voice over Internet protocol that also goes by name VoIP has come to the rescue for those who believe in talking on call all day long but are restricted because of the high call rates and bills. It is one of the most easy and low-priced mediums to communicate and talk over large distances with great quality.

There are thousands of messaging app that has also come up with the options of Audio and Video calling but what makes the difference is the quality and features. We have selected the best VoIP that can enhance your Video calling experience even better.

Skype Unquestionably,... (more)


How exactly to use an expired domain to earn money?

By kk01011991, published on Apr 25, 2016

I see a trend among young bloggers that they try a shortcut to success by buying expired domains with a pre-built link profile and hope to build a successful blog out of an already successful domain. Well, if this was possible, why wouldn’t everyone else do the same? And why would expired domains with considerable domain authority remain unclaimed for weeks or even months?

Perhaps what leads to the false belief that an expired domain could be a good buy is its clearly visible statistic. Eg. I checked a domain in the expired domains pool which had a... (more)

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