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25 Reasons To Legalize Drugs

By Kent J., published on Dec 5, 2007

The book Twenty-Five Reason To Legalize Drugs, We Really Lost This War is coming out January 2008. As a newby attorney, I strongly agree with the author, Stephen H. Frye, MD. Here in the good ole US of A, we imprison at a rate six times greater than the Dutch. The reason? All the people in jail or prison for crimes that should not be crimes. The proof? The Dutch have indisputably and unequivocally proven that drug decriminalization and legalization works and is remarkably effective. The incarceration rate related to drugs in the US is 12 times higher than the Netherlands. Dr. Frye is correct... (more)


290 Flogs For Being Raped

By Kent J., published on Nov 26, 2007

Originally a 19-year old girl was sentenced to 90 lashes for violating Saudi's rigid laws on segregation of the sexes after she was abducted and gang-raped. The judges then decided to punish the woman further for "her attempt to aggravate and influence the judiciary through the media." For vigorously defending her, her lawyer has had his license revoked and faces a disciplinary hearing. The unrelated man she was with, who was also raped, was sentenced to 90 lashes. "I think when you look at the crime and the fact that now the victim is punished, I think that causes a fair degree of surprise... (more)

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Gun For Hire

By Kent J., published on Jul 3, 2007

The $54 million pair of pants gave rise to global outrage and demands again for litigation reform. Paul Rothstein, a Georgetown University law professor, said "This case was giving American justice a black eye around the world, and it was all the more upsetting because it was a judge and lawyer who were bringing the suit." Then Rothstein said after the court ruled that the ruling "restores one's confidence in the legal system." No, it hasn’t. Yeah, a judge ruled in favor of the South Korean dry cleaner who was sued by a wacko for $54 million over an alleged missing pair of pants. Yeah,... (more)

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