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Spears' New Album--The Best Pop Album Of 2007

By Kendrick Daye, published on Oct 24, 2007

Britney Spears has tried on many personas in her short yet expansive career. She was a naughty school girl begging to be spanked, a super sexy flight attendant, a snake yielding temptress and a "virgin." But, on her fifth studio album "Blackou.t" Britney is just plain trashy -- and it makes for one of the most interesting and entertaining pop albums in recent years. "It's Britney Bitch!" she coos, but which Britney is it? Of course the Britney that wants to dance, dance, and oh when she's done dance again. She curses, sighs, moans and when that doesn't get her point across, whispers through... (more)

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Piazza Sempione--Italian Luxury

By Kendrick Daye, published on Oct 9, 2007

As the saying goes "all roads lead to Rome." In regards to sartorial excellence, many roads lead to Milan, one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. From the elegant menswear of Armani and Versace, to the immensely popular handbags and accessories of Gucci, Fendi and Prada, to the immaculate fabrics and textile manufacturing of Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna, Italy is responsible for birthing some of the world's most renowned designers and fashion houses. Because of the rich tradition of Italian designed clothing, the name of almost any Italian designer has become synonymous with... (more)

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Michael Moore's

By Kendrick Daye, published on Jul 1, 2007

Michael Moore's new documentary has the tagline "This may hurt a little," which is an understatement. Sicko -- which opened in limited theaters on June 29th, is both shocking and enlightening. Sicko deals with the failures of the American healthcare systems head-on like most of Moore's films. Uncanny to a Moore documentary, Sicko is unbiased as he can be without convincing his audience to stand behind the position he stands firmly behind. The documentary begins with Moore garnering sympathy from his viewers with real life causalities and sick Americans. Doug Noe whose insurance provider,... (more)

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Enrique Iglesias' New Album

By Kendrick Daye, published on Jun 9, 2007

Enrique Iglesias is back with his new album Insomniac after a three year absence from the music scene. Uncharacteristically to the name of the album Insomniac is anything but a sleeper with most tracks being uptempo. The stand out tracks are bunched together in the begining -- but as a cohesive unit, Insominiac is a hit and miss. The album begins with the melodic spell bounding Ring My Bells. The track starts off slow and hesitates adding layers upon layers of snyths, 808s, strings, Lil' Jonesque flutes, and female backing vocals as it continues. Ring My Bells is followed by the hyper snyth... (more)

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Downtown Miami Shaping Into Downtown Manhattan

By Kendrick Daye, published on Jun 9, 2007

According to the 2006 Almanac of Architecture and Design Miami's skyline currently ranks third in the U.S. behind major metropolises New York City and Chicago, but that very skyline that has garned The Magic City fame will be drastically changing in the upcoming years with a major building boom including 80 highrise towers under construction. Worldwide, Miami currently ranks second, first in the United States, in the most buildings under construction, 24, that will be over 492 feet. The Miami area, including the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, North Bay Village, Coral Gables, Aventura and Sunny... (more)


Six Million People Set To Experience McCartney's New Album

By Kendrick Daye, published on May 30, 2007

That small coffee chain Starbucks, you know the one with a shop on seemingly every corner in the world, is teaming with an individual of equal power in pop culture. On June 5, Starbucks plans to make history by hosting a Global Listening Event to celebrate the release of Paul McCartney's new album Memory Almost Full. Memory Almost Full will be released on Hear Music and is McCartney's first album on Hear Music. The "evocative, emotional, rocking" Memory Almost Full reunites McCartney with longtime producer and friend David Kahne and provides a very personal retrospective drawing upon such... (more)

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Rihanna, Bad Girl Going, Going, Going Good

By Kendrick Daye, published on May 24, 2007

When Rihanna burst onto the music scene with her smash hit single Pon de Replay it was a general consensus she would fall into the one-hit wonder category. But with the help of Def Jam head Jay-Z, Rihanna has blossomed into one of the leading young female r&b artists of today and with her latest album Good Girl Gone Bad she proves that her second album and string of hits were not a fluke and establishes herself as a viable artist. Good Girl Gone Bad begins with the Jay-Z assisted infectious first single Umbrella, which finds Rihanna creating an interesting metaphor for her love with the... (more)

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The Cotton is High

By Kendrick Daye, published on May 24, 2007

As Janelle Monae finishes her smoky performance two shadowy figures can be vaguely seen looking onward from backstage. They simultaneously nod their heads in approval to the beats pulsating from the speakers. Those shadowy figures are Chuck Lightning and Nate Wonder and they are the two that make up the enigma that is Deep Cotton. When the duo is not recording their own music they're working on music for other artists including the aforementioned Janelle Monae, Scar, Outkast, Bilal, DC and others under the name Wondaland Productions. Chuck and Nate met at Morehouse College while Chuck was... (more)

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