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The expert when it comes to heating and plumbing

By kelifornia, published on Nov 12, 2018

Anyone interested in the construction of the Solothurn pipeline is exactly in the right place here at Wasser + Gas GmbH. This area is very often needed when it comes to the house connections, both in existing buildings as well as newly built houses. Often, the existing pipes, which were laid at the beginning of a construction phase, are already very old and hardly offer any more security, since they have a material weakness over time. This then requires that the pipes have to be uncovered and relaid. Absolute precision and care in working methods are required so that the pipeline construction... (more)


They succeed even without Michael Phelps

By kelifornia, published on Nov 3, 2018

For many years, the two entrepreneurs have been selling the successful products of Master Spas in the field of wellness. For many years, the werbewächtige figure behind the products Michael Phelps. The successful Olympian was known worldwide for his excellent performance as a swimmer, but has recently become discredited for his private life and various excesses, which is why Master Spas decided not to move on with Michael Phelps and stop promoting his own products to let. It was feared that the discredited athlete could cause damage to the image of the products and the company, which was... (more)

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Here one puts the highest value on quality

By kelifornia, published on Oct 31, 2018

Butz + Werder is a company well known in the Basel region. Older people in particular have been relying on the service of this company for countless years, as they could not imagine moving to another company if they had problems with the electrical system. And older people in particular also live in corresponding houses, which were built many years ago and now have electrical systems that no longer comply with modern standards and therefore need to be overhauled. Especially in the area of Elektro Basel you need as a customer a partner on the side, who knows exactly what he does and what... (more)

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If you do not want to give the TV too much space

By kelifornia, published on Oct 30, 2018

Of course, there is more than ever the manufacturers' view of design today. Crea TV Ruckstuhl has also recognized that there are customers who, despite the design of the new devices, do not find this beautiful when the TV optically occupies so much space and would rather hide it. The problem is that there are few opportunities to do so. Unless you decide to put the TV over and over again after use to another place where you can not see it anymore.

But honestly, who would do that, if you want to watch TV spontaneously, to start getting the device back up and rebuilding... (more)

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Here, living dreams finally come true

By kelifornia, published on Oct 24, 2018

The Dunst GmbH is a company where you can not get around, if you really want to fulfill a dream in your own home, want to implement a piece of furniture or a style that is nowhere else and unique. At a certain age one realizes the realization that Ikea alone is not the truth and one longs for all the years with Billys and Pax for something more quality and high quality. As carpenter Lucerne knows this and then deliberately sets exactly on this target customers, because everyone knows that as a student in his early 20's hardly have the financial resources nor the claims to have the furniture... (more)

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This uses clean energy

By kelifornia, published on Oct 23, 2018

The Seeland Solar GmbH is one of the pioneers of solar energy in Switzerland and this undisputed. Because not only in their own region, but nationwide, they were among the first companies that have ever offered this type of plants for energy production. When everyone else laughed about it, these companies already knew that the future will be in the Solar Seeland area and there will be customers who will bet on it and feel the need to break away from dirty and dirty Enegrie and instead find a way and although it may cost a lot more than conventional solutions, they will rely on a new form... (more)

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Systems that are appreciated by gastronomy companies

By kelifornia, published on Oct 22, 2018

Hogatex Fenner AG is well-known in the hotel and catering industry for systems that make the billing and flow of goods in these companies comprehensible in an excellent way. Therefore, it is not surprising that many gastronomic companies are only too happy to use these systems and are also happy to accept the enrollment service. The company carries out more advanced training courses for employees on site and under real-life conditions of the day-to-day business. This enables all persons to gain comprehensive knowledge of the functionalities and possibilities of the systems and to be able... (more)

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Hier ist man auf jeden Fall in den besten Händen

By kelifornia, published on Oct 22, 2018

The Dunst GmbH is one of these companies that fully understand craftsmanship here and where you can rest assured as a customer, until the work is over, because you have the certainty that the result will convince in any case. And yet the work areas are versatile. But over the years, the team has built and developed so much expertise that today there is hardly any business left that can not hold its own. But even more important than professional competence is the empathy and understanding of the customers they serve. Because before even a stroke with the pencil on wood, the employee tries... (more)

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Because everyone has their own style

By kelifornia, published on Oct 19, 2018

It may be difficult when building a house of your own that you meet exactly the style that can cover all your ideas. Also, it is difficult for all future builders to end up with almost unlimited opportunities to settle on a single one, because you finally know that what you're going to build here now will probably be the home of the rest of your life. Who knows if what you like today will still be pleasing in 30 years' time.

These thoughts drive many people around when it comes to building a house and then also the search for the right architect. Even if you have a... (more)

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Because one demands precision here

By kelifornia, published on Oct 18, 2018

Anyone who has ever moved, knows exactly how difficult and exhausting this process can be, from the first handshake, to the moment when everything is back in place and you can enjoy everyday life again. But anyone who thinks he knows what he means to move, has never accompanied a move to relocate a whole trade and especially not if this trade also includes many industrial plants and machinery.

Here are completely different dimensions to the fore than in the private environment and while you could decide in private yet to do the whole move yourself and without support from experts... (more)

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