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The perfect kitchen studio

By kelifornia, published on Sep 12, 2018

Mori AG is still a very young company, because the CEO is still relatively young. It would now be expected that it would be difficult to give him an assignment, since he can hardly have enough experience to actually implement a project for the construction of a new kitchen expertly. But there you are mistaken, because even though he is so young, this entrepreneur has many years of experience in the planning and implementation of kitchens and has become a very good name in the region. And the region is frankly perfect for a kitchen studio, because it's not far from Berne, which at first glance... (more)

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Windows XP New Edition 2018

By kelifornia, published on Aug 13, 2018

If you have used a PC in the last 20 years, you will almost certainly have used the Windows XP operating system for a while.

The moment of Windows XP already happened a decade ago but, what would Windows XP be like in 2018? Welcome to Windows XP 2018 Edition.

Remembering an old software with nostalgia is an excusable romantic exercise, but it has no practical utility. In computer science, evolution is ruthless, as it has no mercy with the old software. An old movie is completely enjoyable a century later, but an operating system 20 years ago, today is a real torture:... (more)

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When a beautiful wedding results from the engagement

By kelifornia, published on Aug 13, 2018

The operation of Kurt Muff watches with its traditional location in Hochdorf is easily accessible, both for residents of the region as well as for those who have taken the slightly longer route from Lucerne. But the way itself is absolutely worth it, because after all, for most customers, nothing is more important than the event in life, the decision for the one person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life and to whom you are now wants to bind publicly. For many, a Lucerne wedding is simply a way of life. It has become like a kind of checklist to work through. And after finishing... (more)

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Should your kitchen be something special

By kelifornia, published on Aug 13, 2018

Mori AG has been based around the company for several years, not far from Lyss. A thoughtless observer might think that this is not exactly beneficial, as it is a very rural area not far from Bern, where as a planner you could attract a lot more clientele than you would here. But that's not the case, because while in the capital Bern a large number of kitchen studios take away the customers and have to fight for each one, since a dissatisfied customer would find the next alternative a few hundred meters further, it is different here. But that does not mean that you can afford anything in... (more)


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