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So You Want To Be A Lawyer

By Keely, published on Jan 10, 2008

Application of Rule #1 to The Client Interview

Yes, you spotted a really simple solution to their issue as soon as they called you. DON’T be a smart aleck and tell them all they need is a $50 deed from a notary placing their property in joint tenancy; you’re not in law school now. You’re out – with student loans to pay, malpractice insurance to pay, office rent to pay, the surly secretary’s wages to pay; you’ve also got to shell out the pittance you pay the dyslexic file clerk, the car payment on the Lexus, the interest and late charges on the credit... (more)

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Letters From The Lovelorn

By Keely, published on Jan 5, 2008

Dear Trader Joe's, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consistently excellent selection of wines in the $5-$10 range. The one thing I would ask is that you consider making an affordable selection of half-bottles available, for those of us who are single and end up polishing off an entire bottle every time we come home from your store, because we were taught to waste not want not.

This unfortunately has turned into waist not, want knot for me and many other of your single shoppers, but the possibility of tying the knot recedes ever more, as our bulging waistlines make... (more)

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