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Story Girl - Part 2: The Manifestations

By Kay C, published on Jun 28, 2010

I believe in the power of the boomerang.

Whatever I fling out into the world usually comes back to me (the when of it being predicated on the strength of my toss). So I am mindful of my intentions, ever aware of my focus. I want to create consciously, not live life on the default settings.

And now that you know a little bit about me from Part 1, you may realize that I am ready to find my audience - no longer content to watch the grays sprout as I hitch my creative future to the whims and whimsy of the literary gatekeepers.

I am ready to toss the boomerang, people.

I... (more)


Story Girl - Confessions: The Shift, Part One.

By Kay C, published on Jun 23, 2010

It's finally happened.

That which had been so intractable - immovable as bedrock - has loosened.

And now I'm running wild with the new wiggle room. Yes, I've had an attitude adjustment.

For as long as I can remember, I believed the only way an author should be published was the old-fashioned way - write query letters, pitch agents, revise query letters, pitch more agents. Once a legitimate literary agent was secured and the inevitable manuscript rewrite completed to satisfaction, it was then time for said agent to begin pitching to a select group of appropriate editors.... (more)

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The Lady of Lost Angels and me.

By Kay C, published on Oct 3, 2007

Los Angeles never really struck me as a city. From afar it was a myth, drawing like a magnet, begging me to shed my small town skin and try a shinier, slicker one. An irresistible invitation for someone with something to prove. Closer still, the inner workings became clear – endless branches growing in all directions. We were all part of some neurotic tree – greater as the whole but each part ablaze. Striving for what exactly? Fame, money, glory? The light of the sun? I wasn’t quite sure but it always seemed to be something outside the self, just beyond the reach of straining fingers... (more)

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Poppin' gold!!

By Kay C, published on Jun 30, 2007

In an age of outlandish criminal politics (is there really any other kind anymore?), I'd rather talk about art - and popular music specifically. It'll be fun to volley the verbal banter about something immediate, intense, and creative as opposed to cunning, crafty, or destructive. This article is meant to be a celebration of music, all kinds and every taste. This article is also meant to be fun and interactive. Let's write about music, one of the most inspiring and healing mediums ever! Forgive me if I gush, folks - just pretend we're on the beach, glass of wine in hand, breeze... (more)

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An Earthy little kiss.

By Kay C, published on Apr 4, 2007

The sky was baby blue, and the air was so crisp I was wearing triple layers. On the surface, everything seemed quite still in the park; a typical day in the North. But a closer FEEL revealed the bigger signs, the deeper meanings. The beavers were quiet in their homes underneath the ice. All around lay the huge cottonwoods they had brought down with their teeth. A small eagle watched us from its giant nest across the river. Brittle leaves stirred, exhausted from the long winter affair. My brother, his girlfriend, and myself had come to this park armed with large hefty bags, gloves, and... (more)


A white male for president?

By Kay C, published on Mar 8, 2007

To anyone who knows me and my rather bleeding heart tendencies, it may come as a slight surprise that I haven't jumped on the Hillary and/or Barack bandwagon. Many feminists are thrilled at the idea of a woman running the so-called free world, and many others are even more excited that an African-American might finally get a turn. But for me, Hillary is too much like a Republican, albeit with a better hairstyle, and Barack, despite his charm, isn't as progressive as I'd hoped. Enter Dennis Kucinich, by all appearances, a typical white male. But looking a little deeper, we see that he is... (more)


Strip trees for strip malls.

By Kay C, published on Feb 25, 2007

I was enjoying a cup of java at an outdoor cafe, taking in the chirping birds and the lone shrub that stood as a beacon of hope along the vast expanse of concrete sidewalk. As I observed the passersby, my mood gradually soured. I tried and tried to see only the good in every person, and not project any burrowing hint of my own negativity. But after watching the fourth person cavalierly flick their cigarette butt to the ground, I became disheartened. Disheartened not only at the seeming unconsciousness of the "butt flickers" but also at the larger implications of such sleepwalking through life.... (more)

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