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What to Expect When You are Outsourcing iOS App Development?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Jun 26, 2017

Mobile phone and app usage has surpassed all records and expectations in the past couple of years. Smartphone users have been spending more time in apps than in years past, and now use more than 30 apps on a monthly basis as per a new report from App Annie. The 30 apps are estimated to be one-third to one-half of the apps users have installed on their phones. Using apps has become a daily habit and people on an average use 9 apps every day says this report. An interesting insight into the app user demographic shows that iPhone users tended to use slightly more apps than Android users, the report... (more)

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How can CMS resolve eCommerce pain points?

By Kaushal Shah, published on May 15, 2017

Online commerce has seen an unprecedented growth in the past several years. This has led to the meteoric rise of eCommerce websites and vendors. The eCommerce industry is at a very exciting and interesting juncture. Marketing and promoting the online store well is also quite essential and a top priority for eCommerce strategists. It is every business’s dream to build a successful, secure and fast web store that attracts traffic and converts easily. But there are many technical, logistical and administrative challenges that hinder the growth of online stores. However, reliable technology such... (more)

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Apache Kafka Versus RabbitMQ: Which One Should You Opt For?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Apr 18, 2017

Message-oriented middleware (MOM) is software or hardware infrastructure supporting sending and receiving messages between distributed systems. The middleware is also known as message broker or message queue. There are many popular message brokers that provide an asynchronous communication protocol. Asynchronous meaning the sender and receiver are completely detached and don’t need to interact with the queueing system simultaneously.

The software is therefore very useful for:

Decoupling of services Painless scaling Backpressure management Operational visibility

Apache Kafka... (more)


How To Deal With Exceptions In ASP.NET MVC?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Apr 1, 2017

Any developer worth their salt knows that exception handling is of high importance during application development. Now with the burgeoning business of web and mobile application development, it is especially significant that errors are handled effectively without breaking the system. It is also necessary to display the relevant error messages or exception messages ensuring that no internal details are revealed when the application halts during exception. Details of all such incidents must be logged and recorded for investigation. Companies looking to hire ASP.NET programmer can also ask a few... (more)

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5 App Building Tips To Stay On Top Of The Game

By Kaushal Shah, published on Mar 26, 2017

A mobile app can act as a competitive weapon to win the market share battle if the right set of features are incorporated. The issue with majority applications in the market is that they fail to engage users for a longer time. They may serve the purpose but lacks in terms of key features and aspects that can distinguish the application from other average applications. In order to create a compelling, feature-rich application, here are five features that you need to incorporate into your app development.

1. Simple User Interface: A great mobile app usually satisfies the needs of the... (more)

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Perks of Working With a Professional Magento Developer

By Kaushal Shah, published on Mar 18, 2017

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world. In fact, according to the Magento website, there are more than 250,000 merchants across the globe utilizing Magento to sell their products. has reported the number of websites using March 2016 and February 2017 and it appears to have increased by 48,000 in one year. And according to Builtwith usage statistics, 28% of websites globally are powered by Magento. It is evident that the CMS is considered to be trusted, robust and a partner of choice for businesses seeking to build eCommerce websites.

The statistics... (more)


Why .NET Is A Right Choice For Enterprise App Development?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Mar 16, 2017

Enterprise applications that are designed to meet performance and customer usability requirements need a technology that is robust, reliable and scalable to provide business efficiency in the long run. Microsoft .NET is one such technology that delivers unmatched user experiences to meet the growing needs of an enterprise. Many large organizations depend on .NET application development solutions to build faster and offer flexibility required for future growth.

With 75 percent of enterprise applications running on one or the other Dot NET platforms, Dot NET provides countless adaptable... (more)

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Four Reasons To Consider Custom Application Development

By Kaushal Shah, published on Mar 8, 2017

Modern businesses are constantly changing the way they manage internal processes. They need it to be efficient and mobile. Traditionally businesses have relied on spreadsheets and sticky notes to keep track of things. This is clearly not scalable and manageable. As a result, we're seeing an increase in mobile and tablet business apps that are custom developed for unique business needs.

There are a ton of productivity and collaboration apps out there that get the job done. But a one size fits all approach is not ideal for every business. You'll always find yourself missing a feature... (more)


Try These UX Hacks To Enhance Sharepoint User Adoption

By Kaushal Shah, published on Mar 4, 2017

Microsoft’s SharePoint turns sweet 16 this year. As per Microsoft, this web-based application has 160 million users across 75000 customer organizations. While it is quite popular as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, it is highly customizable and also has web development and intranet development capabilities. Many companies turn to SharePoint website development for web apps or intranet solutions especially because it has a responsive interface and works well on devices.

Analytics and online reviews however show that businesses face a challenge in getting users to adopt SharePoint... (more)

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5 Ways Apps Can Boost Customer Engagement For Digital Retail

By Kaushal Shah, published on Mar 2, 2017

Digital transformation across verticals has forced retailers to rethink their strategy. With mobile phones and devices becoming an indispensable part of the modern buyer’s life, retailers have to redefine how they engage consumers and convert the sale.

Consider this: Average time spent with mobile apps (127 minutes per day) is uncomfortably close to television (168 minutes). Yet mobile budgets aren’t nearly as high as TV. (Tech Crunch) And ninety-two percent of retailers are struggling with online/offline integration. (RSR Research).

Catch up quickly or lose out to competition.... (more)

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