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Why & How to Prepare Your eCommerce Business Site for GDPR?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Sep 5, 2018

eCommerce, the buzzword of the era not only helps to take your business across borders but also connects you directly with the right customer with just a click. eCommerce makes it easier to sell your products to millions of people across multiple countries with a web presence through site and app.

However, things are not this simple. Come 2018 and EU (European Union) came up with a new data privacy law GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Valid from May 2018, every CMS website or eCommerce portal will have to comply with this new EU’s regulation for handling the personal... (more)

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Overview of Drupal 8 excellent web accessibility features

By Kaushal Shah, published on Sep 5, 2018

Availability is an essential requirement for any website to allow users with disabilities to access the site quickly. Unfortunately, when it comes to building a website, it is considered to be a low priority for most developers and enterprises.

Assuming that the proportion of users with accessibility requirements is low is a big mistake. Ignoring accessibility can lose you a significant number of users that you can otherwise convert into loyal customers.

Accessibility with Drupal 8

Nearly one in five Americans are disabled and over half of the adults with... (more)

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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Progressive Web Apps

By Kaushal Shah, published on Aug 29, 2018

PWA (Progressive Web App), the recent trend of the website development industry is the blend of mobile application and website. PWA brings out the best of both and gives users a fantastic experience while ensuring that it meets specific requirements to provide an app like feel. PWA holds the upper hand compared to apps as it uses the latest web features for an app like experience and has gained immense popularity in a very short span of time.

What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)?

PWA is a website which looks and performs like a mobile application and allows to work... (more)

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Making the Right Technology Choice for Web Application Development

By Kaushal Shah, published on Jul 30, 2018

The technology stack is the most important thing to consider while developing a top-notch web application. The choice of the tech stack forms the basis of your web application, and therefore the success of your project entirely depends upon it.

The selection of an essential tech stack is challenging, particularly for small businesses as they usually have constrained budgets. Therefore there is an imperative need for technology stack which offers the most out for their investments and gets projects off the ground.

As a Java web application development company... (more)

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Why Fashion eCommerce should Embrace Mobile App Development

By Kaushal Shah, published on Jun 26, 2018

eCommerce has remained the buzzword of the recent time with users buying products and services online through their desktop, laptops, tablets or smartphones. It offers them the flexibility and ease of shopping from their favorite brands anytime, anywhere! However, the advancements in mobile app development are encouraging a surge in mobile commerce and taking the eCommerce to a different level.

The landscape in retail sector today relies on the proximity of making products available for the end customers in the best and easiest possible way. With consumers spending a... (more)

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How AI Technology will Transform the Magento eCommerce

By Kaushal Shah, published on Jun 21, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is touching many facets of our everyday life, and we are relying on AI more and more with every passing day, without even realizing it. From Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri in the smartphones to Smart Home devices, Smart Cars and more, AI is changing the old practices way faster than we can imagine.

Artificial Intelligence helps eCommerce companies to understand the end user’s behavioral patterns, automatically analyze the data through AI programs and create meaningful solutions to achieve users goals without... (more)

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What to Expect When You are Outsourcing iOS App Development?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Jun 26, 2017

Mobile phone and app usage has surpassed all records and expectations in the past couple of years. Smartphone users have been spending more time in apps than in years past, and now use more than 30 apps on a monthly basis as per a new report from App Annie. The 30 apps are estimated to be one-third to one-half of the apps users have installed on their phones. Using apps has become a daily habit and people on an average use 9 apps every day says this report. An interesting insight into the app user demographic shows that iPhone users tended to use slightly more apps than Android users, the report... (more)

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How can CMS resolve eCommerce pain points?

By Kaushal Shah, published on May 15, 2017

Online commerce has seen an unprecedented growth in the past several years. This has led to the meteoric rise of eCommerce websites and vendors. The eCommerce industry is at a very exciting and interesting juncture. Marketing and promoting the online store well is also quite essential and a top priority for eCommerce strategists. It is every business’s dream to build a successful, secure and fast web store that attracts traffic and converts easily. But there are many technical, logistical and administrative challenges that hinder the growth of online stores. However, reliable technology such... (more)

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Apache Kafka Versus RabbitMQ: Which One Should You Opt For?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Apr 18, 2017

Message-oriented middleware (MOM) is software or hardware infrastructure supporting sending and receiving messages between distributed systems. The middleware is also known as message broker or message queue. There are many popular message brokers that provide an asynchronous communication protocol. Asynchronous meaning the sender and receiver are completely detached and don’t need to interact with the queueing system simultaneously.

The software is therefore very useful for:

Decoupling of services Painless scaling Backpressure management Operational visibility

Apache Kafka... (more)


How To Deal With Exceptions In ASP.NET MVC?

By Kaushal Shah, published on Apr 1, 2017

Any developer worth their salt knows that exception handling is of high importance during application development. Now with the burgeoning business of web and mobile application development, it is especially significant that errors are handled effectively without breaking the system. It is also necessary to display the relevant error messages or exception messages ensuring that no internal details are revealed when the application halts during exception. Details of all such incidents must be logged and recorded for investigation. Companies looking to hire ASP.NET programmer can also ask a few... (more)

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