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Everything that Amateurs Need to Know About Clout Archery

By katiesmith02, published on Nov 27, 2014

Archers don’t shoot at the bull’s eyes in Clout archery. They shoot at a flag instead. The flag is placed 180 yards away for men and 140 yards away for women.

If you want to shine as an archer who specializes in shooting long-distance targets, you should opt for Clout archery. There are plenty of advantages that come with specialization in Clout archery.

It'd be difficult to explain them to neophytes. They instead need an overview of Clout archery.

A Short Synopsis of Clout Archery

Don’t worry. We won’t bore you with the history of Clout archery. We’ll try to stay... (more)


Top Guinness World Records Created by the Firefighters

By katiesmith02, published on Oct 28, 2014

Fire scares everyone. From elderly folks, kids to animals, no one is safe from the clutches of fire accidents. Then who can save us from this kind of mishap? It’s the firefighter. A firefighter is a trained professional who knows the techniques to put off fire on time and saves the lives of those hapless people trapped in fire. At times, they have to take up daring activities, even at the cost of their own lives. Few of their feats are recorded in the Guinness World Records. From one year long fire truck tour to the biggest collection of fire helmets, here are few daring firefighting feats... (more)

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Tips to be an Ace in Deer Hunting

By katiesmith02, published on Oct 16, 2014

Deer hunting is not just a recreational sport. It is a passion for many bow hunters. They wait eagerly for the deer hunting season. It needs precession, practice, technique and a few equipment. But it often happens that the most proficient hunter fails to achieve the target. To make it perfect, you need to learn a few techniques that will help you to hunt perfectly and kill the biggest buck.

Here are some tips to make your performance better. Take a look.

Prepare Mentally

The most important thing while you are hunting is to prepare yourself mentally. Everything that you... (more)


Some of the Most Destructive Fires in the History of the US

By katiesmith02, published on Oct 8, 2014

Since prehistoric times, fire has played a major role in human lives. Sometimes, it has been a savior. However, at other times, it has emerged as one of the most destructive powers of nature. There have been several infamous incidents of fire breaking out and causing loss of lives and property. People just learned or tried to learn from their past experiences.

From the day human started building home with wood instead of stone, it became easier to catch fire. Sometimes the reason of fire is war, sometimes man's carelessness, and sometimes nature itself has taken the tool of destruction... (more)


2014 Archery World Cup: A Quick Recap

By katiesmith02, published on Sep 22, 2014

The 9th Edition of the Annual Archery World Cup 2014 has been full of twists and turns. Organized by the World Archery Federation, the thrilling final matches of the competition were held on 6th September and 7th September, 2014.

The first leg of the competition was held a few months back between 22nd April and 27th April in Shanghai, China. The second leg was organized in Colombia between 13th and 18th May. It was followed by the third leg, which was held between 10th and 15th June, 2014 in Turkey’s Antalya. And then the much-awaited Compound Archery finale was organized in Lausanne... (more)


Causes of Vehicle Fire and the Investigation

By katiesmith02, published on Sep 2, 2014

The scariest incident that can happen while driving a car is when the vehicle catches fire. The moment it happens, you will surely feel helpless. It can lead to a blast. Besides, being enclosed in such a limited space with blazing flames around can also be a horrible experience. The driver and the passengers can suffer severe burns during such circumstances and they can even succumb to these injuries. The smoke and the smell of burning fuel also affect them. And this inhalation often leads them to choke to death. The stats regarding vehicle fire is quite worrying. According to the National... (more)

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Hollywood and Archery

By katiesmith02, published on Jun 30, 2014

Archery is an extremely popular sport and hunting activity performed all over the world. It is one of the oldest weapons known to humankind-and bows and arrows have been widely used from the Late Stone Age.

Bows and arrows have historically been used for hunting animals for food, safety and as a weapon of warfare.

Hunters who were skilled in the use of bows and arrows were respected and honored by all cultures in the world-ancient paintings depicting hunters shooting big animals have been found in ancient caves.

Hunters have also been greatly honored as heroes... (more)


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