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The Benefits Of Eating Raw Food

By Katie Li, published on Jan 29, 2014

More Enzymes

Cooking food kills the enzymes, so by eating your food raw your body will be getting a large amount of them. Many people know the value of vitamins and minerals, but enzymes are often overlooked. But they are a very important element in keeping the body healthy. The process of living depletes our enzymes stores, so eat raw foods will help to replenish them. This means that we should age more slowly, and stay healthier for longer.

More Vitamins

It is a well know fact that when foods are cooked, a large amount of vitamins are lost. This can best be seen by the... (more)

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9 Ways to Avoid Ice and Snow Related Injuries

By Katie Li, published on Jan 16, 2014

The winter season offers many beautiful sights that may draw you outside, but taking a scenic walk in the snow and ice presents some unique challenges. Take in the seasonal splendor safely with these handy tips for avoiding common ice and snow related injuries, and the accompanying trip to the urgent care.

Rock Those Shades

Sunglasses aren’t just a summer accessory. The glare from snow and ice is brutal. Always wear sunglasses when you’re outside during the day and you’ll find that it’s much easier to see and avoid potential hazards.

Wear Bold Accessories

White and black may look... (more)

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5 Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects To Tackle For 2014

By Katie Li, published on Jan 3, 2014

The start of a new year is always a good excuse to take a look around your surroundings and take stock of what needs to be done or improved this year. For 2014, why not tackle a few home improvement projects that you have been putting off? Many of them can be done by yourself or with a friend, and are inexpensive ways to spruce up your home and add to its resale value. We have six suggestions for easy DIY projects you can tackle yourself with the right tools, and a trip to a home improvement store like Home Depot or Sears.

1. Add Curbside Appeal To Your Entryway With An Attractive Door... (more)

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How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

By Katie Li, published on Jan 1, 2014

When you get into a car, you probably wouldn’t decide to drive it without buckling your seat belt, so why would you ride your bicycle without a helmet?

In fact, there are probably just as many dangers to getting seriously injured with a bicycle, if you are not protecting the most vital part of your body - the head. Surprisingly, many people still do not realize the importance of always wearing a quality helmet and are at huge risk of suffering life-threatening injuries because of their own ignorance.

But even if you understand the importance of wearing a helmet, choosing one that... (more)

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The Best Christmas Stores in St. Louis For Your Decorations

By Katie Li, published on Dec 31, 2013

For many consumers, the best part of the holiday season is being able to decorate their homes. Living spaces can be transitioned into winter wonderlands, filled with trinkets, candies and other visual delights. This is why so many people love visiting Christmas stores in St. Louis. These are the perfect shops for picking up holiday decor, trinkets and other items that inspire a festive mood.

Warm Up Your Patio

Patio furnishings are not just for the warmest months of the year. Many of the Christmas stores St. Louis locals can visit offer an array of products that are designed... (more)

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Average and Overall Costs of House Insurance in Australia

By Katie Li, published on Dec 30, 2013

A home is much more than a shelter; it is a place where remembrances are accumulated. There is a way to keep those remembrances safe, with home insurance. Home insurance covers anything from broken-windows to bushfires.


Preventing the hazard of underinsurance is necessary for every homeowner. Therefore, it is vital to comprehend the complete replacement expenditures of the home and its belongings.

In order for your home insurance to be effectual, it must be sufficient and up-to-date. There are various online calculators... (more)

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Top Environmental Stories of 2013

By Katie Li, published on Dec 26, 2013

This year was a big year for the environment, with conservation and renewable energy finally enjoying the spotlight in the mainstream media. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories of the year, and what the future might hold for 2014.


January was a victory for renewable energy. Japan announced plans to start work on the biggest wind farm in the world. The wind farm will feature 143 wind turbines, and will be located 16KM off the cost of Fukushima, the site of the nuclear reactor that was severely damaged during the Tsunami of 2011.


February... (more)

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4 Future Car Technologies To Get Excited About

By Katie Li, published on Dec 24, 2013

While we may not be floating around in hovercrafts just yet, new model cars are packed with innovative features that get even the least gear orientated person excited. Whether it be for safety, entertainment, usefulness or pure extravagance, the auto industry is constantly revealing new technologies that twenty years ago, would have seemed like radical theories. So now that self-parking vehicles and inbuilt sat-navs are becoming the norm, what does the future hold for new car technologies?

Self-Driving Car

Driverless cars may seem like something you might see in a James Bond film,... (more)

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Bean Bags - The Answer To Your NYE Party

By Katie Li, published on Dec 23, 2013

Planning a mega party

So it’s the biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve. The party to end all parties you’ve had in 2013 and kick off 2014 with a bang. So you want good music, good drinks, some tasty nibbles and most importantly of all… plenty of comfortable seats.

Bad parties

We’ve all been to a dodgy party where you’re standing around awkwardly because of a lack of seats, or placed on a stiff hard back chair that makes you feel like you’re in a doctor’s waiting room.

And trying to get to know everyone, relax into the night and get everyone to loosen up and... (more)

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Get Hired & Stand Out: 3 Modern CV Tips

By Katie Li, published on Dec 11, 2013

Think about the last time you stood on the interview chopping block, hopeful and hopped out with the latest gadgets, haircuts and follow-up questions; it may have been ten years, five years, six months or four weeks ago. Your good, hire-me shoes are probably out of date, and your CV flounders in the ether between your entry level job and a few other rungs along the way, not quite communicating the right professional history. You’re already far behind, if you’ve neglected the fleeting fashions of recruitment; think about it, the average person moves between fifteen different roles throughout... (more)

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