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In the West

By Kat, published on Jul 24, 2007

You know, the prostitutes have been blooming along West Grand in Oakland. Today I saw the one who had the beautiful exterior--the first one that I've seen since the latest batch of hungrey, starving "god-damn--I am prostituting my ass" women showed up. It's always a shame to me when I see a woman offering herself to the masses.And any masses will do.--That's life on West Grand. Or any number of streets around the world. And we all know what they're doing. And it still ain't legal here in the USA. Except for on the (I)nternet. I love men. And I know the need to come is pre-programmed by... (more)

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Sensitive / Insensitive

By Kat, published on Jul 23, 2007

OK--2 Fridays ago was the Oakland Art Murmur and the man that I love to bump called to tell me he would be bringing a young thing to one of the galleries. Also she was French. I'm 50 so...jeeze. I had that little feeling. And it wasn't like THAT, he said. Nothing was going "on". But it still hurt my feelings, you know how it is. Also, how was she feeling? I remember when I was 22. I really do. So I thought about it all. Which is worse? Being me--Knowing some things about the way it feels when your man's mind is wandering--You know--I've been loved. Loved people. I can just play at love... (more)

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West Oakland--Art Murmur

By Kat, published on Jul 5, 2007

Ok, so this weekend, Friday, the 6th to be exact, is another walk into the "Art Scene in Oakland". But what I want you to do is avoid the little map that Rock, Paper, Scissors puts out (and it is a wonderful tool--thank you!) But it misses a key gallery emerging in the west--the Cordelia Bell Gallery, named for the woman who owned the house and sold it to the current group of artists that breathes new life into this old Victorian--Marcel, Githinji, Dwayne, and SHIT! I can't remember his name, and I pledged to buy one of his paintings. This Saturday he and his children were painting this beautiful... (more)


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