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Teaching Laziness?

By Kantanquer, published on Feb 1, 2007

It is easier to contrive a situation than to engage in an honest dialog about it. Many of us teachers believe that learning comes only from "real world" hands on experience.

We discount academic learning because it's boring. Of course my 'œreal world' is distinctly different from the real world that rational people experience. Let me give you an example: I teach mathematics to seventh and eight graders. Everything is computerized these days. We give each student a virtual store credit and a shopping list. We send the students out to the store to acquire the goods on their list.... (more)

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Wild in the City

By Kantanquer, published on Jan 22, 2007

Tucked away at the very top of Beachwood Drive is a box canyon. Nestled in among the rocks and plateaus is a small ranch called the Sunset Stables. It’s been there for years and hosted many a tourist and Angelino alike on a spectacular trail ride over the Hollywood hills into the flats of Burbank. Sunset Ranch as it is also known, is a working dude ranch. At any one time there are up to a dozen trail horses for rent. Their territory is exclusively the bridal paths of Griffith Park - which remains the largest urban park within the confines of any American city. It is a little touch of... (more)

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Magic of Here and Now

By Kantanquer, published on Jan 16, 2007

When I was a working magician I used to play kids parties. I’d play just about anything; birthdays, sweet sixteens, graduations, bar mitzvahs, you name it. I had been taught my magic by a series of mail-order programs. Although not as effective as learning at the knees of Houdini, the mail-order route was practical, low pressure and low cost. The program promised that after two or three levels of study the student would be out in the… real world earning good money. And sure enough, soon as I had finished the level three review and examination, I got my first job. It was a neighbor’s... (more)


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