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The Fix

By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 14, 2011

I remember when I was lost, I prayed to God for someone to love me.

Took some time, took some tears, but in the end his love found me.

You know I would have stayed if you asked me to,

You know I would have fixed it if you asked me to.

But you didn't , and I can’t blame you

Love too grows old, grows weak

Your love for me had a leak

And it was all because of my actions or lack of

But still I would have fixed it if you asked me to…..




By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 10, 2011

Light you, taste you, take you in me

You’re no good for me the surgeon general says

Corrupt my lungs then leave me breathless

I used to be the flame in your lighter

Now I’m only my soul’s fighter

You’re like my favorite cigarette

So bad for me, yet I still want you with no regret

Leave a bad taste in my mouth, but I like the things you do

My love habit puts my lips around you and pulls you in me

No regard for consequence because that how it’s destined to be

I never thought you could hurt like you do

Make me cough,... (more)

Tags: burn, disease, heartache, smoke


By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 9, 2011

Emergence is freedom from the binds| Deliverance from a past that rewinds| Rebirth of the mind and soul| The ability to get up and go| Emergence is the beginning of something| Ever reminding that growth is inevitable and without it we are nothing| Emergence is a declaration of one’s self worth| Eventually, one’s self worth will prevail| Emergence is letting go| Getting rid of what hurts and does not love| Emergence is the last curtain call| Reminding us that you will survive even after you fall| Fall in and out of love| Emergence is a reminder of what you are made of| Letting go of... (more)


My Partaking

By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 8, 2011

sorry I am not as sweet as I needed to be/ but you are a lot more sour than I expected , then you upped the ante/ I tried a little harder/ you fought a lot smarter/ I scraped my teeth on the ground/ then lost sight and sound/ I’m leaning towards the greener acres/ you’re reaching for your augers/ to drill straight through my heart/ sucking me dry like an insect with it’s mouthpart/ if I stand straight up, then you sit me down/ hold my tongue less I describe you using less beautiful pronouns/ what a wonder world to live in if it revolved around you/ my eloquent ideas suggest a breakthrough/... (more)


Derivative Of You

By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 7, 2011

Sexy slant-eyed toy

I love to watch you.

Your kisses are prudent, still I enjoy

every moment I spend with you.

That I'm facinated by you it's true

Perhaps you'd change my course of history

By chance you'll inform me of every mistery

your heart has encountered.

If I am lucky, you'll even list me

as an important factor in your life.

Because life is better lived less stifled

and when morning comes will you still want to be with me?

Or will the sun's rays be the only thing kissing me?

Sexy slant-eyed toy,... (more)


The Letting Go

By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 6, 2011

I'm starting to find myself

In getting rid of things

I never knew I never needed.

To now realize my story

my book had to come off the shelf

your turn to read and perhaps understand a sullen heart's inventory.

In loving you I've learned that the letting go is necessary for growth

necessary to understand that trials in life are an experience,

a preperation intended by God for us both.

I've loved you so much, I loved you so

I think you should know

the letting go is the hardest thing I've ever known.

So far between... (more)


Never Be The Same

By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 6, 2011




By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 5, 2011

These toes are hurting from the rocks underneath my feet

These chins ache from running in this heat

and these knees tremble ever so often

This body hurts from the pain I can not soften

My eyes are red from the constant tears that for you I've shed

so far this does not matter to you

What is important are the endeavors that you encounter and set out to do.

Always when the phone rings, I pray that it is you

calling to say "hello" or simply "I'm thinking about you".

But you don't because you won't and this is something I can not understand

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By kAlIKoPELI, published on Nov 4, 2011

Inspiration saved me from the

desperation that was me after you.

Turns out the only thing attached to

you was me and the hope for all things that could be.

And what happened to the glue that held us together?

Looks like one of the birds lost it's feathers.

Yet still it was strong enough to fly

Soar high into the sky, into oblivion and beyond.

Outside and out of you, the clouds have cleared

and now I see the real you.

There's a little truth in believing I don't want you,

and realzing you don't want me.

Cause'... (more)


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