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Researchers discover potential uses for magic mushrooms

By KaiserD, published on Oct 4, 2011

Magic mushrooms have always been favored by some drug users. Now, one analysis finds that the same mushrooms might have uses in psychotherapy. The research discovered that religious individuals that took psilocybin, the active drug in magic mushrooms, noted mystical experiences and better life fulfillment 14 months later. Resource for this article: Controlled magic mushroom doses could have psychotherapeutic uses

Taking a look at Psilocybin

There are over 60 subjects studied in a study posted by the Journal with five head researchers. The subjects all reported extensive... (more)

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Here is the Facebook panel, Reed Hastings

By KaiserD, published on Jun 30, 2011

Will Facebook and Netflix be yet another corporate energy couple? According to the Washington Post, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is now on the panel of Facebook, which indicates a major partnership. Along with a number of other executive luminaries, Facebook seems to be that much closer to total control. Article resource - Netflix CEO Hastings joins Facebook corporate board by

Good reasons for a relationship

A relationship between Netflix and Facebook is a win-win for the two corporations. Many sources suggest there are a lot of reasons for the alliance to turn... (more)

Tags: facebook, netflix, reed hastings, mark zuckerberg, winklevoss twins, netflix ceo joins facebook board

Healthcare diagnostics acquiring a new supercomputer helper

By KaiserD, published on Jun 2, 2011

Superstars on "Jeopardy!" were beat by the supercomputer Watson. The International Business Machines team in charge of Watson used the game show to prove the problem-solving capability of the computer. Medical questions are the newest target of the supercomputer. The problem-solving ability of Watson should, in theory, be able to provide succinct answers to healthcare diagnostic inquiries. Estimations of possible diagnosis with Watson will include some information doctors simply don't have time to consider. Personal blogs, off-label utilizes of narcotics, and emerging research is all going... (more)

Tags: jeopardy, watson, watson ibm, watson ibm medical, medical diagnosis, medical diagnosis watson, watson diagnose medical problems, doctor watson

Storing online music, via Google

By KaiserD, published on May 19, 2011

During Google's I/O conference, the latest projects have been announced. Amazon's recently-launched Cloud Music player has a new competitor. Google Music Beta is testing the concept of an online player. Large music distributors are apparently not very happy about this product launch. Talks to make this player official broke down before launch.

Try out Google Music beta you are your music

Your whole music library can be stored and streamed by the Google Music Beta service. Most devices connected to the internet may have access to the cloud-storage library. While in beta, you are... (more)

Tags: google music, google music beta, beta test google music, cloud music storage

Scheming barristers bungle up BPoil spill fund

By KaiserD, published on May 12, 2011

An oil spill fund of $20 billion was started by BPas directed by the Obama administration. A small portion of the cash has been paid to people claiming damages from the spill 365 days after the disaster started. Individuals waiting for a BPhandout complain that getting cash for nothing is not easy enough, while lawyers try to parasite their way into a piece of those billions. Article resource - Horde of fraudulent lawyers tie up payment of BP oil spill claims by MoneyBlogNewz.

Getting through BPoil spill claims

A year after the 2010 oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast... (more)

Tags: bp oil spill fund, bp oil spill claims, deepwater horizon disaster, gulf coast claims facility

Live ammo suitable for Wisconsin protest by Indiana official

By KaiserD, published on Apr 12, 2011

A Twitter user was noted to have advocated the use of "live ammunition" in handling protesters in Wisconsin. The user was uncovered to be employed by the state of Indiana. The Mother Jones site exposed Jeffrey Cox, a deputy attorney general for the state of Indiana, had advocated using deadly force on Wisconsin union activists through Twitter and on his blog. His superiors were notified, and Cox was fired. Resource for this article - Indiana official advocates use of live ammunition on protesters by

Indiana lawyer made comments

The ongoing demonstrations in Wisconsin... (more)

Tags: adam weinstein, david koch, ian murphy, indiana deputy attorney general

The connection between climate change and global food rates

By KaiserD, published on Mar 8, 2011

Extreme weather linked to change in climate has been wreaking havoc on global crops. Global food demand is increasing as supplies are diminished by bad weather. Soaring globe food prices are threatening the stability of governments and more intense weather is in the forecast.

Rise in costs of food throughout the world

Last month, world food rates went to an all time high. In December the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Food Price Index beat the record set during the 2008 food turmoil. World food prices went up in Jan another 3 percent according to the FAO.... (more)

Tags: food, climate change, climate, shortage, food crisis, extreme weather, global crops

Buy now, say most respondents to real estate market poll

By KaiserD, published on Mar 1, 2011

The real estate sector has been suffering as home sales and house values continue to slide. Homes are not selling. Potential home buyers are waiting. But it's a good time to buy a house, in accordance with most of the individuals responding to a poll released Wednesday. Source for this article - Housing market: most in U.S. think now is the time to buy a home by MoneyBlogNewz.

The buyer’s sector is clear

About 67 percent of Americans say right now is a good time to buy in a Gallup study even though the economic recovery has not been able to occur because of the housing sector.... (more)

Tags: housing market, home sales, home values, potential home buyers

Brand new nutritional recommendations published by governmen

By KaiserD, published on Feb 7, 2011

The government has just released the most recent model in the Dietary Guidelines series. The government writes the pamphlet every five years, addressing some aspects of the diet of Americans and what ought to be included and cut. The effect isn't expected to be dramatic. Nobody should have to take out a pay day loan to change their diet with the new recommendations. Article resource - New dietary guidelines published by federal government by MoneyBlogNewz.

Our diets something the government outlines with guidelines

A new model of “Dietary guidelines” was released, accounts ABC.... (more)

Tags: nutrition, diet, 2010 dietary guidelines, american life expectancy, dietary guidelines, dietary guidelines 2010

BP claims czar warning - oil spill tourism losses might not be compensated

By KaiserD, published on Jul 8, 2010

On day 72 of the disaster Thursday, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010 became the worst oil spill ever in the region. Cleanup efforts came to a halt his week as Hurricane Alex increased the amount of oil washing ashore. Tourism in the gulf, normally booming on 4th of July weekend, isn’t expected this year. Adding insult to injury for gulf residents, the federal chief of BP oil claims said he might have to deny oil spill tourism losses. Meanwhile, the oil spill cap remains attached within the high winds and heavy seas, but it only captures about 25 percent of the crude that continues to... (more)

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