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Your Guide to the Sony Xperia Z6

By Justin Carlos, published on Aug 20, 2016

If you’re looking for all of the latest info on the Sony Xperia Z6, we’ve got the lowdown on what’s known so far about the upcoming handset. Although almost everybody was expecting Sony to unveil the new Z6 at the MWC 2016 event, instead the company launched a brand new range of handsets, the X series. If you’re a fan of Sony Xperia phones, it’s also worth noting that the X-series is now available for pre-order in the UK. But, if you’re hoping to get your hands on the Z6 when it finally arrives, here’s everything that you need to know.

When’s The Release Date?

Even though... (more)

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Online Shopping is a Craze in Canada

By Justin Carlos, published on Aug 11, 2016

Canadians live in a beautiful corner of the world considerable with many remarkable outside recreational pursuits to participate in. So at the same time as there may be a multitude of opportunities available outdoor, Canada's on line purchasing enterprise is experiencing a boom with many Canadians deciding on the option of doing their buying inner and on line.

In a current look at carried out in Canada; it was observed that on-line purchasing in Canada is at the upward push with 55 percent of Canadians making their purchases via the internet. Most of the people of online shoppers are... (more)

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Why Your Small Business Needs Its Own Bank Account

By Justin Carlos, published on Aug 8, 2016

A lot of small business owners wonder whether or not a company bank account is really necessary. Put simply, your small business should have its own bank account, whether you run a large business or you work from your home, and there are several reasons why keeping your business finances totally separate from your personal finances is so important. Despite these facts, however, a lot of business owners continue to make the mistake of combining their personal bank account with their business account, and essentially using funds from their personal account for business purposes, and vice versa.

... (more)

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Go for a Long Drive at these Enchanting Roads in Delhi

By Justin Carlos, published on Aug 2, 2016

Delhi is a city known for its romantic vibrance and mystic beauty. While, going for a candlelight dinner in the city's best restaurants is the typical favourite of couples with regards to romance, nothing can rekindle that spark in your relationship like a long drive, especially during monsoon. We do know that driving through the alleys, gullies and main roads of the city may appear like an errand during monsoons or peak hours, but there are a couple of roads in and around Delhi that will strum the right chords of your sweetheart’s heart. Long drives are an evergreen option!

So, this... (more)

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Ways to Make Your Business a More Fun Place to Work

By Justin Carlos, published on Jul 20, 2016

Employee satisfaction and retention is an ongoing concern for most businesses today and that’s why so many corporations hire professional research firms to poll their employees on a regular basis. What is it that makes staff delight in coming to work every day and how can companies offer a fun-filled yet productive environment that will keep their staff loyal over time?

In survey after survey designed for some of the nation’s leading corporations, it has found that employees who feel relaxed and engaged are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than those who maybe make a higher... (more)


Services You Didn’t Know You Could Get Online

By Justin Carlos, published on Jul 7, 2016

Most things are migrating to the digital world, but there are many services and businesses that only operate in the ‘real’ world, however, I’m betting there are some you didn’t know you could actually just get online, which would probably work out cheaper and easier to do. There is also a wealth of new services you never knew you wanted that are now possible thanks to the internet.

Tire Changing

Price comparison websites are big at the moment, especially when it comes to comparing insurance and holidays, but did you know there is also a tire changing comparison website? Someone... (more)

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A Culinary trail across Hyderabad and Bangalore

By Justin Carlos, published on Jun 30, 2016

Food is the major calling to many travel destinations. People travel halfway across the globe just to experience the cuisine of that place. Take a trip to Bangalore and Hyderabad, two major cities in India laying before you a plethora of diverse cuisine.

There is no doubt that there is an abundance of good food and the options to eat out unlimited in Bangalore, however the city’s cuisine in itself, much like the general South Indian cuisine is quite shallow and restraint. Kannada cuisine like all other south cuisine consist of lightly fermented ground rice and lentils, use of palm sugar,... (more)

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Explore your religious side by visiting these churches in Goa

By Justin Carlos, published on Jun 27, 2016

Mostly known as the ‘Party capital of India’, Goa has various other places to visit rather than just beaches and party clubs. If you love to explore the religious sites then a visit to the churches in Goa is a must as they have a great historical significance which is appreciated by people all over the world. Located mostly in South Goa, churches have played a huge role in keeping the christian traditions alive in India. Book your Goa tour packages online to save money and time as well. Here are some churches you must visit while in Goa.

1. Bom Jesus Basilica: Being an UNESCO heritage... (more)

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6 Extraordinary Ideas to Boost Your Fashion Blog

By Justin Carlos, published on Jun 17, 2016

Have you ever noticed that there are millions of fashion blogs, but only a few get noticed? An impressive marketing strategy and creative ideas are required to enhance your blog value to become a leading fashion blogger. Read through the blog to know about the ideas that will create instant results for you.

Reflect Your Name Clearly

Develop personal bonds with your potent readers by clearly reflecting your name, so that it becomes easy for them to search for you. Respond to their comments in minimal time possible to ensure your active online presence. Not replying for several... (more)

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