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An Increase in Federal Good Time Credit?

By Justin Brown, published on Dec 18, 2013

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Every couple years, it seems, there is a new effort to implement a law that would allow federal inmates to earn more good-time credit, and thereby shorten their sentences. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican from Utah, sponsored the latest effort, which was sent to the Judiciary Committee.

Under current law, a federal inmate receives up to 54 days off his sentence for good-time credit. This means BOP inmates serve about 85 percent of their actual sentences – a rate far higher than most state systems.

Chaffetz’ proposal would classify inmates... (more)

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Our Discriminatory Bail System

By Justin Brown, published on Dec 17, 2013

One of the great injustices of the Maryland state bail system is that it discriminates against the poor. People who are charged with crimes are often held on high bails that they cannot possibly afford. This can happen for even relatively minor criminal allegations. The only way they can get out is by paying a bail bondsman, who may charge an exorbitantly high interest rate. Oftentimes, judges and commissioners, when setting bails, err on the side of caution -- that is, if in doubt, they set a very high bail.

The results of this system can be devastating for families and... (more)

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Harsh Federal Sentencing Tactics: Nothing New

By Justin Brown, published on Dec 16, 2013

A recent report by Human Rights Watch underscores an obvious fact of federal drug prosecutions: the Government uses the threat of sentencing enhancements to all but force criminal defendants to plead guilty. As a result, 97 percent of federal drug cases result in guilty pleas.

By statute, criminal defendants receive extreme mandatory enhancements in some drug cases if they already have drug convictions. At certain drug quantities, a person with two prior drug convictions can receive a life sentence for a routine offense – if he has the nerve to exercise his constitutional... (more)

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