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Voice Search and AR Can be the Game Changer for Mobile Apps?

By Juned Ahmed, published on Sep 27, 2017

Voice search in mobile apps is also paving the path of incorporating augmented reality in many innovative ways. Thanks to voice search the reality offered by mobile apps is continuing to be extended. In the past few years, several development startups concentrated on these two technologies, and many of such products are undergoing crowdfunding. Many app developers in India are working to bring together AR and voice recognition for more personalised user experience.

How voice searches and augmented reality put together is becoming the biggest game changer for mobile apps, we will see... (more)

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6 Pillars of Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategy

By Juned Ahmed, published on May 18, 2017

Keeping tap with the overwhelming range of new technologies, marketing of apps also going beyond the common cliches. Instead of focusing on numbers, high-quality acquisition with higher lifetime value is becoming focus areas. While the basic and ground principles of app marketing are still the same, over and above them, some new marketing techniques are driving traction now.

1. Study customer behavior

Any app marketing must begin with a mission to know its target audience deeper. When you know your target audience with their motivation factors, preferences and dislikes, you know... (more)

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Mobile App Marketing Trends Every Business Should Follow

By Juned Ahmed, published on Mar 30, 2017

Do you know, 42% small businesses in the US have their own mobile apps and by the end of 2017 around 67% of them will have a mobile app for their business? This is just one piece of an example concerning the huge growth and popularity of mobile apps for small businesses. Businesses are increasingly understanding that representing their brand and business offerings on the mobile platform requires having own app. So this trend of small businesses adopting mobile app platform is not just a short-lived fad but a massive reality that is going to transform the business world with every passing day.

... (more)

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What is Going to Happen in Gaming World This Year?

By Juned Ahmed, published on Jan 30, 2017

2016 has been a happening year for mobile games. Throughout the year we have experienced countless developments. While on the one hand revenues of mobile games crossed that of PC and console games by a wide margin, on the other hand, we have seen the rise of mobile games like Pokémon Go which starting as just a casual game quickly rose to its fame as a never before game craze and ended as a cultural phenomenon. According to industry experts, mobile gaming is very likely to reach $40 billion revenue mark globally this year. With the help of latest mobile gaming tools, once again we can tighten... (more)


Effective Social Media Marketing in Three Ways

By Juned Ahmed, published on Apr 12, 2014

In such an age and time, social media marketing plays an important and strategic role towards increasing the audience behavior towards brands thus increasing their sales or engagement. ROI is an important term for today’s brands, and this could be in terms of sales, visits or engagement. ROI is the main reason why social media marketing is so prevalent in today’s time and age. When do you get the audience’s attention diverted to your brand? When you follow the right timing and the perfect strategy to ensure higher reach and better frequency! Online marketing is very similar to its offline counterpart,... (more)

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