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Canucks Go Green

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 16, 2010

Wednesday afternoon the Canadian Embassy in Washington hosted a renewable energy and energy efficiency showcase and reception. Innovative Canadian companies were on hand to display their latest technological breakthroughs and there were some noteworthy innovations that will hopefully soon start to take off on this side of the border.Perhaps the most promising for reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is the home geothermal unit from NextEnergy. While geothermal technology has been around since the 1950s, it is only in the last 15 years that it has become more efficient.Installing a unit in... (more)

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Gray wins, D.C. loses

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 15, 2010

What if you had a once-in-a-generation mayor who took rare decisive action to fix a broken system and inspire thousands of young, diverse residents not bogged down by the deep divisions of race and class that have been exploited for decades by the political establishment? Mayor Adrian Fenty was that special man, that rare breed of leader who actually made Washington D.C. a better place to live and work by reforming the schools, reducing the crime rate, improving city services, adding bike lanes and bus routes and streetcars to get people out of their cars, revitalizing long-neglected neighborhoods... (more)

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A Soulful 'Solar On The White House' Event

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 10, 2010

Given the gravity of global warming, a house of worship was the perfect place to welcome a group of students who traveled all the way from Maine to try to convince President Obama to re-install solar panels on the roof of the White House (Jimmy Carter first installed them in 1979 and Ronald Reagan removed them in 1986).The historic All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church on 16th Street in Northwest Washington, D.C. was the setting Thursday evening for a soulful panel of speakers and an enthusiastic audience who welcomed the students from Maine's Unity College at the end of their road trip.... (more)

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Revenge of the Electric Streetcar

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 2, 2010

For a hundred years streetcars transported people in and around our Nation's Capital. At various times betwen 1862 to 1962 residents of Washington, D.C. enjoyed trolley service to historic neighborhoods such as Georgetown, Anacostia, Adams Morgan and even as far as Rockville, Maryland and Leesburg, Virginia.

At its peak in 1916 there were over 200 miles of streetcar tracks in the Washington area including 100 miles in the city. Now D.C. is moving forward with an ambitious effort to build 37 miles of modern electric streetcars and the tracks are being laid for the first two lines in Anacostia... (more)

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Biden, Chu: Recovery Act Energizes Innovation

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 25, 2010

(This story was originally published on the website Green D.C. Click here to read more stories about clean energy and the new green economy.)

Vice President Joe Biden and Energy Secretary Steven Chu held a press conference on Tuesday morning in the South Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House to talk about a new report analyzing the Recovery Act's investments in science and technology breakthroughs.

The report, titled "The Recovery Act: Transforming The American Economy Through Innovation," was released by the Vice President's... (more)

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Q&A: Bicycle Advocate Angela Koch

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 24, 2010

Coming from the bicycling mecca of Portland, Oregon, Angela Koch knows a thing or two about spokes and wheels. But her interest isn't in how to fix a derailleur gear or change a flat tire. Koch's passion is in educating people about the joy of choosing two wheels for fun and commuting.

That's why we in the D.C. area are lucky to have nabbed her from Portland. Koch is currently the Events & Advocacy Coordinator at popular bike shop Revolution Cycles. She recently took time out of her busy schedule for an email Q&A with Green D.C.Green D.C.: How did you first get involved in bicycle... (more)

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The Gold Line -- Bridging L.A.'s East-West Divide

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 16, 2010

Living without a car in Los Angeles poses many challenges and adventures. In my opinion since mostly ditching my car over a year ago I've come to appreciate the vast cultural diversity of this sprawling region on a different level. Walking, biking and taking mass transit has opened up new worlds that I would have been blinded to if I only drove.

As a Westsider with a car who chooses to keep it parked in my apartment garage where its tail pipe can do no harm to the environment and its gas tank can do no harm to my wallet, I've often thought of the millions of Angelenos who have no choice... (more)


L.A. aims to accelerate public transit projects

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 15, 2009

Sixty years after The Great American Streetcar Scandal torched the trolleys and tore up the tracks, Los Angeles may be getting its revenge.

At the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Monday night, city leaders and public transit advocacy organizations talked of bringing a unified front to Washington to lobby for $9 billion in federal funding to accelerate the twelve Measure R-backed projects -- a rare, and they would argue necessary, show of solidarity in the sprawling, fragmented Southland where the competing interests are often as diverse as the population.

The so-called "30-10... (more)

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Al Gore Brings Climate Change Message to Beverly Hills

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 30, 2009

A capacity crowd filed into the Saban Theater's majestic auditorium clutching copies of the glossy illustrative tome, which came with the $40 ticket price. 

Introduced by Temple of the Arts Rabbi David Baron, a wiser, at times more humorous (Homer Simpson and Taylor Swift references received laughs) and no less urgent Gore tubthumped his follow-up to "An Inconvenient Truth." Three and a half years ago his wake up call to the world mostly dealt with the daunting problem of climate change, but offered little in the way of solutions.

"Our Choice" is that call to action.

... (more)

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David Plouffe Pulls Back Curtain on Obama's Victory

By Josh Marks, published on Nov 24, 2009

Speaking at the 6th and I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C. on Monday night, Barack Obama's 2008 Presidental Campaign Manager David Plouffe discussed his new book "The Audacity to Win," which gives an inside look at how the nation's first African-American president was elected.

Perhaps more than anything, the shift of power away from traditional media to new forms of grassroots communication will be the ultimate legacy of this trailblazing campaign.

"We built our own television network, but only better because we can directly communicate with people without the snarky media... (more)

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