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Why I Ditched the D.C. Football Team and Became a Ravens Fan

By Josh Marks, published on Dec 2, 2013

When Washington football team owner Daniel Snyder was quoted in USA Today as saying he would NEVER change the name of the franchise that is a dictionary-defined racial slur, I posted on my Facebook page that I would NEVER root for my hometown team until the racist name changes and that until then I would become a Baltimore Ravens fan.

So I gave up the burgundy and gold for the purple and black. RG3 for Flacco. A soulless suburban stadium in Landover for the friendly confines of M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore. Dysfunction for class. Perpetual losing for a Super Bowl ring.... (more)

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Michael Moore On Gun Action: ‘We Are The Majority'

By Josh Marks, published on Mar 25, 2013

Exactly 10 years after Bowling for Columbine won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, activist filmmaker Michael Moore teamed up with and USAction to celebrate the achievement with a screening Saturday evening at New York City’s School of Visual Arts Theatre, followed by a town hall discussion on reducing gun violence that was live-streamed across the country.

The panel included Rob Wilcox, cousin of gun violence victim Laura Wilcox and lead organizer of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence; Jaime Pessin from Moms Demand Action; Lori Haas, mother of Virginia Tech shooting... (more)

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Q&A: USC Schwarzenegger Institute's Bonnie Reiss

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 14, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger is turning into a climate action hero.The Hollywood actor and former California governor recently launched the University of Southern California Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy, whose stated mission is "advancing post-partisanship, where leaders put people over political parties and work together to find the best ideas and solutions to benefit the people they serve."

One of the five policy areas the Institute focuses on is energy and the environment and since one of their guiding principles is that "science and evidence have an important role... (more)


Why the Washington Football Team Should Change Their Racist Name

By Josh Marks, published on Feb 12, 2013

Momentum is building to change the offensive and outdated name of the Washington football team. Whenever the name change comes up many fans throw out labels like "PC liberals" and "guilty white people"; or they will find obscure historical references to argue the name has positive meaning; or they will cite a Sports Illustrated survey that found the majority of First Nation people like the name, except that study was done more than ten years ago, before the country elected and then re-elected the first African-American president amid shifting racial attitudes; lastly, some of those who defend... (more)

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Recovery Act is the Number One Reason to Re-elect President

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 23, 2012

Republicans keep falsely claiming President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus, officially known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), was a massively wasteful failure. Right now the GOP is using all the money from their right-wing billionaire donors to inundate swing state voters with their anti-stimulus, pro-austerity message.

But in reality the stimulus is a smashing success. It is more than 50 percent bigger than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and has begun to profoundly change the United States of America in ways many of us are just beginning to realize.... (more)

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Will Obama Ride 7.8% Jobless Rate to Reelection?

By Josh Marks, published on Oct 5, 2012

The Denver debate should be a distant memory after today’s jobs report that the unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent. That is the jobless rate when Obama took office in January 2009 when he inherited the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. Seven sounds a lot better than eight and much, much better than the peak of 10 percent in October 2009. Significantly, in the mind of the American public, 7.8 percent sounds closer to the 7.2 percent unemployment figure that Ronald Reagan rode to reelection in 1984.

What Obama has achieved trumps Reagan because he inherited a global... (more)

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Are You Registered to Vote?

By Josh Marks, published on Sep 30, 2012

Tuesday was National Voter Registration Day. We are now only 37 days to the most important election of our lifetime. This is not just about reelecting President Obama, but electing moderates and progressives at every level of government who will work with President Obama in a constructive way instead of obstructing everything and tearing down Obama.

Democrats need to retake control of the House of Representatives and keep control in the Senate. There are also important elections at the state, city and local level. President Obama not only needs a Congress that will work with him, but... (more)

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Science Starting to Win Climate Change Debate

By Josh Marks, published on Aug 10, 2012

Global warming is real and humans are causing it. That greenhouse gas emissions are contributing to climate change is as accepted among mainstream scientists as the earth revolving around the sun. A recently published story on climate change denial in Australian current affairs magazine The Monthly cites a survey that found 97.4 percent of climate scientists agree that "human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures."But what about the few scientists still skeptical of climate change? They are starting to come around as evidenced by the highly publicized... (more)

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Washington, D.C. is America's Construction Capital

By Josh Marks, published on Jul 30, 2012

In the nation's capital, construction cranes are as familiar to the city's skyline as the Washington monument and Capitol dome. Recession? What recession? It is boom times in Washington, D.C. If anti-government, anti-growth Republicans in Congress ever decided to work with President Obama to get the economic recovery moving faster (or if moderates and progressives take over this November), it would be amazing to see the rest of the country build housing, retail, office and infrastructure at the rate D.C. is doing right now.In these troubling times, construction cranes carry much symbolism.... (more)


American High-Speed Rail Moving Forward

By Josh Marks, published on Jul 8, 2012

Despite shortsighted right-wing Republican opposition, high-speed rail (HSR) is moving forward in the United States of America. Soon we won't have to fly across the Atlantic or Pacific to experience world-class passenger train service. President Obama and Vice President Biden get much of the credit for revitalizing passenger rail travel by demanding a federal allocation of $8 billion for high-speed projects as part of the 2009 economic stimulus package.While conservative Republican governors like Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Rick Scott of Florida have denied their residents high-speed rail... (more)

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