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It's a bit like a self-eating cake

By Joseph Gavin, published on Jan 21, 2015

Stolen from here at Oftentimes...

Last week I commented, for the first time ever, below an article on, a website I frequent and enjoy on daily basis. The article in question was entitled, "Here’s what people thought of TV3?s crime documentary about Limerick." Now I have never been to Limerick, nor did I watch the documentary referred to, but this is not about Limerick, step away from the Limerick. This is what I said in my comment:

"Do a handful of tweets about a tv programme now constitute news? What if someone retweets this article and that tweet winds up on a... (more)


When did randomness become cool or funny?

By Joseph Gavin, published on Jun 25, 2012

A perception of 'randomness' seems to have seeped into our collective comedy consciousness. Putting words together like 'sheep tea pot' or 'jacuzzi nostril' could (by some, not me) be considered funny because they are 'random'. Being considered random is the aim of many a desperate, personality-less young person.

Comedians like Russell Brand were misinterpreted by others as being funny because they were random when actually their success was due to their wit and occasional silly voice, and others tried to get in on the act. Not really the blind leading the blind, more a troupe of talented... (more)


Confused Little Island

By Joseph Gavin, published on Jun 25, 2012

- the confused little island, as seen from space -

In an interview with radio 4’s Today programme, Peter Robinson, the First minister (of Northern Ireland) once described a state of ‘religious apartheid’ in schools in Northern Ireland. He went on to say that, “we bring children up in different schools and then we scratch our heads when there’s division in society.” This division is so glaringly obvious and serves as another example of why Ireland is the most confused little island on the planet.From the ages of four and five, catholic children go to catholic schools and have catholic... (more)


The whining few are afforded too much influence

By Joseph Gavin, published on Jun 7, 2012

It seems the easiest way to get publicity if you like to complain about everything is to attack the BBC. This is the most effective method of trolling. Just three thousand complaints over a four-day period from an organisation that reaches the entire population of the UK and beyond is enough to grab Top News status on a nationwide scale.Following the BBC unabashedly Royalist TV and radio output over the queen's jubilee weekend, full of false/forced patriotism and black and white pictures, I personally would have complained more about the one-sided nation of the coverage and the panicked expressions... (more)

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Top 9 reasons why people like lists

By Joseph Gavin, published on Jun 7, 2012

1. People are Stupid. Stupid like a fox. Controversial, I know. People, and yes this is a horrendous generalisation, like tough, complicated things to be condensed into a numbered format, or at to be least bullet-pointed. A paragraph of over ten lines constitutes 'serious reading' and has been known to kill.2. People are systematic in their approach to absorbing particular information and processing it in their respective crania. Therefore, bullshitty sentences like the previous one will be forgotten completely but this sentence will survive the memory cull for slightly longer because it included... (more)


Procrastination for the nation...

By Joseph Gavin, published on May 4, 2012

The clock strikes eight o'clock and suddenly, after a day of doing nothing, I still do nothing.Nine o'clock, I become anxious, I decide to do something. I lay out my books, get the lighting just right, arrange my pens in order of colour and make with the 4-in-1 at the right end my red bic medium at the other. I adjust the height of my chair, synchronise my watch, make sure my desk is facing east and fill a glass of water in case I become dehydrated. Then, just as I am about to work I am somehow drawn back to my laptop and the comfy chair in the corner of my room to check how the world has fared... (more)

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