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Management Information Systems in Organizations

By Joseph C, published on Jan 2, 2018

A computer based mechanism which provides the necessary information which is required in the effective management of an organization is referred to as the management information system. An MIS should be made in such a way that it allows communication amongst the employees. It should provide system that has an objective of recording the necessary information and aid in supporting an organization to have a definite direction and maintain its strategic goals. Information systems doe include procedures, hardware, colleagues, software and data that are put in place to help in gathering and analyzing... (more)


How to Get Readers Hooked To Your Writing

By Joseph C, published on Jul 27, 2016

Grabbing the devotion of a reader is not always an easy undertaking. Originality and creativity must all be cleverly blended together. Most readers are also easily put off if the introduction is bogus. A student can significantly boost the readership of his or her essays by making the introduction catchy. Here are some quick ways of spicing up your introduction. Writing a Declarative This is the simplest way that you or an essay writing service reviews can use to get people to read your essay. It merely requires you to state what your paper is about. You must, however, be sure that the topic... (more)

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