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Best-buy savings accounts often beat investing in the stock

By Jonathan K. Orellana, published on Aug 2, 2016

So, which is really better?

The research which was done by financial journalist Paul Lewis (not related to Martin Lewis, founder of, showed that most investment periods in the last 21 years, stashing money in best-buy cash savings accounts would have given a saver more than a FTSE 100 shares tracker (following the index of shares in the biggest 100 firms on the London Stock Exchange directory).

Traditionally, investments in shares has remained the best way to build your wealth; however, that does not seem to be the case now according to the research, which... (more)

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Seven of Warren Buffett’s Best Investing Advices

By Jonathan K. Orellana, published on Jul 19, 2016

Who will not want to listen to the world’s greatest investor and learn how he earned $72 billion net worth and enhanced his company, Berkshire Hathaway, into a formidable force valued at more than $212 billion.

One fact that sets Buffett apart from others is his refusal to advice the ordinary investor to follow his example. On the contrary, he tells investors to do the opposite. Nevertheless, Yahoo Finance shares the following Buffett’s well-known insights on investing for a long-term, durable growth:

1. Cash is the worst investment over time

Having cash around, whether... (more)


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