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The Empty Chair

By JohnnyFox, published on Nov 8, 2011

We're about four days in to the voyage on the Queen Mary 2, a two thousand customer floating resort. I have a congenial table assignment for dinner, but more freedom to graze the rest of the day.

There’s usually no shortage of company for breakfast or lunch, and there’s always the optional madness of the random seating assignment at a shared table, but once or twice I’ve asked for a window seat and a table to myself.I might catch up with some reading, but mostly I find my thoughts drifting and occasionally focus on the chair opposite and wonder who, in my ideal world, might fill it.... (more)


Autres Temps, Autres Moeurs

By JohnnyFox, published on Nov 5, 2011

Three things happened recently to make me think about (my and others’) gay life.

Ken Clarke the Justice Secretary, who I’m convinced moonlights as the Churchill Insurance dog barked some stuff in parliament about thinking there ought to be different categories of rape – but seemed ignorant of the fact this crime can and does happen to men. The London Gay Men's Chorus, to which I belong, recently performed a concert in aid of the male rape crisis charity, Survivors UK.

On the excellent author Paul Burston’s facebook page, there’s been massive debate about how ‘barebacking’ (unprotected... (more)

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