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5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your PCB

By johnkelvin318, published on May 23, 2018

A printed circuit board or PCBs are an essential component in your electronic devices. Almost all the electronic devices, laptops, computers, kitchen appliances and home appliances have a PCB in them.

With advancement in technology every passing year, the need for more powerful and efficient PCB emerges. Now this means that the board has to have a durable life and must withstand any sudden changes in working conditions.

Nowadays almost every PCB comes with a conformal coating that insulates the board and protects it from a high voltage surge. It also provides the... (more)


How to plan a vintage wedding

By johnkelvin318, published on May 22, 2018

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Like everyone else, you would also be looking to make it a special occasion. Many wedding planners and hotels provide wedding packages of various types. However, a lot of people are not looking to go back vintage style wedding because of multiple reasons.

Theme based weddings have become enormously common where have the destination wedding is a costly affair. Vintage weddings are different, and all your attendees would surely love it. Planning for a vintage wedding is not an easy job. There are companies and service provider... (more)


Learn to Become a Counselor

By johnkelvin318, published on May 22, 2018

Counseling is considered as the cross-disciplinary pathway into a career that highly helping human beings in distress. By taking the counseling individual can easily learn some effective ways to change some aspects related to their life. Especially it helps anyone to make a strong relationship. Having Graduate Certificate in Counseling is really beneficial and it is also developed for the people who are interested in this field. The counseling certificate course is mainly available for who wish to upgrade their level of skills as well as knowledge in this demanding area. Are you interested... (more)


Influential Duos - Supporting Each Other's Ambitions

By johnkelvin318, published on May 17, 2018

Balancing a high-profile career, family responsibilities, and philanthropic endeavors while maintaining a relationship is not easy. Taking that much on-board can create stormy waters and it takes a power couple to work together and keep things sailing smoothly! These power couples are doing it, and they are doing it well.

Tej and Tara Lalvani

As the CEO of Vitabiotics, Tej Lalvani is responsible for the biggest vitamin company in the United Kingdom. Besides taking care of a company with a group turnover in excess of £300 million per annum and a client base spread out over 100... (more)


5 Tips For Getting In Shape This Summer

By johnkelvin318, published on May 16, 2018

First and foremost, if you don’t already belong to a gym, you should signup as soon as possible. There are gyms in pretty much every town, including major cities where gyms like Brick Los Angeles are located. Gyms offer a ton of services beside the obvious workout facilities. Most have personal trainers, group fitness classes, nutrition consultations, and even in-house juice bars for post-workout snacks. Former couch potatoes can thrive in the gym atmosphere if you just get the motivation to begin. Getting into the specifics of how to get in shape this summer: Here are 5 tips on how to see... (more)


Best JC Econs Tuition in Singapore

By johnkelvin318, published on May 13, 2018

Tuition or private coaching institutes weren’t so famous as they are now. Such alternate enhanced study centers are a medium to accelerate grown and learning in students of all grades.

The economics subject is very vast. It incorporates in itself studies about economies at both macro and micro level. Economics laws, methods or theories are all based on real-life events and reviews, and therefore they keep on upgrading with new studies.

But, most of the times it is observed that students at schools alone are not able to cope up with the vast syllabus of the subject. Therefore... (more)


The Port of Beirut - Mediterranean Cruise Capital

By johnkelvin318, published on May 13, 2018

It seems that Lebanon is at last enjoying a passé of peace with prosperity in tow and Beirut has taken the lead with its effervescent art, cuisine and nightlife that rivals cities such as Los Angeles, Amsterdam or even London or New York has to offer. The fact that Lebanon is such a small territory making nowhere within its borders more than two hours’ away makes Lebanon among the rare places that allows people to bask by the beach when the sun is simmering and go skiing after lunch before finishing the day off with a vibrant and pulsating night at one of its exhilarating and... (more)


The Sydney Lifestyle Experts

By johnkelvin318, published on May 7, 2018

Sydney is a lovely and big city well-known for its amazing blend of sea and land. Bounded by national parks and rugged coastlines, Sydney has a wonderful vibrancy which flows from this city to its wonderful fringes. As a vibrant city, it brings you an excellent opportunity to spend your time in the most beautiful places and exciting activities. You can explore its fabled history in its historic buildings and cobbled, narrow laneways. If you plan to visit Sydney for the first time, it is advisable to know the sydney lifestyle. There are many ways available to know that lifestyle and major... (more)


Planning to Buy a Tungsten Ring? Know Its Pros and Cons

By johnkelvin318, published on May 3, 2018

In the last few years, tungsten has gained popularity. Earlier the metal was only used in creating manufacturing tools and machinery items however now the metal is commonly used in making jewellery products. When the metal was launched, it was not as popular as it has become today. The popularity of the tungsten jewellery is higher among men as compared to women. Tungsten rings are now very commonly preferred by men for their marriage ceremony.

The rings are made by combining various carbon alloys with tungsten which gives a ring the durability that you will need. Some of the... (more)


How to Find the Best Bread Maker for Your Needs

By johnkelvin318, published on May 1, 2018

If you are one of those people who can’t resist the smell of freshly baked bread, it is time to stop lurking around your local bakery, and bring that smell into your own home. Don’t worry about the hard work that it usually takes to make bread, as you can skip all of that if you invest in a quality bread machine. Not only will a bread maker allow you to always enjoy freshly baked bread, but it will also be good for your health, as you will no longer have to eat the synthetic ingredients that are usually found in store-bought bread. There are numerous bread machines on the market, but in... (more)


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