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QNAP vs. Synology which is better?

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 1, 2018

To protect and optimize data storage in any device, the use of a network attached storage is a must. There are plenty of such online tools, but if you search on the internet, you will find that the Synology and QNAP are the two most popular options. Selecting one among them is not an easy job especially if you have adequate technical expertise.

What basis to chose between the two?

Every individual has a different set of requirements and expectations from such a NAS, and if you are looking for the perfect choice, you must compare among multiple parameters to come down... (more)



By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 27, 2018

Many articles have exposed the extensive issue of prosecutorial misconduct, including a recent article raising concerns about the San Francisco City Attorneys’ allowance of false evidence in the tumultuous case City of San Francisco v. Kihagi despite knowledge of fact.

In an effort to amass ammunition (whether true or not) against local African American landlord Anna Kihagi, the City Attorney had been spying on her for months with the help of nasty tenants. In one attempt, the City sent an investigator to see if the landlord was renting out a restricted unit and ultimately confirmed... (more)


GPS Trackers and Other Things You Need When You Go on a Long Hike

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 27, 2018

Hiking is a wonderful undertaking. You get the chance to experience the great outdoors and get in touch with nature.At a time when most people spend too much time in their offices or on their couches watching other people do exciting things, hiking offers way for us to get some fresh air and exercise and have fun as well.

Many people enjoy going on Long hikes through forests, of mountains or hills, and in uncharted areas. They like to be totally disconnected from civilization and live or short period of time naturally as their ancestors lived centuries ago. These feelings are... (more)


The best places to visit when travelling to Canada

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 21, 2018

When you apply for a visa to go to Canada with pvt Canada, you can look forward to lakes with a whimsical feel to it, lush fields filled with flowers and cities bustling with creativity and adventure. With that said, the places you can visit when going to Canada are simply endless. Let’s look at some of the top places you need to tick off your bucket list when travelling to this country filled with wonder.

Niagara Falls

If you are a lover of nature and the pure thrill of watching a magnitude of water cascading down into the depths below, Niagara Falls is... (more)


The Benefits Of Having Custom Stand Up Pouches - They Will Blow Your Mind Away

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 13, 2018

The benefits of having a custom stand up pouches are much higher then you may think. Packaging should be a very integral and essential aspect of your business. Why you may ask, as this seems like a very unimportant and even more uninteresting aspect to the whole business model.

However, the truth of the matter is at packaging can have a significant effect the entirety of your business model, and as a result, it can help to take your business and your revenue to the next level - when done correctly.

In this article, we will be going over the many benefits... (more)


Advantages and Disadvantages of hiring through PEO in Costa Rica

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 11, 2018

With a stable economy and a GDP of over $57 billion US dollars, Costa Rica is a popular choice for businesses around the world that want to expand into a Latin American market. The most prosperous of the five Central American Common Market countries, Costa Rica is the perfect destination for growing global businesses, whether in the technology, health or tourism industry.

In this article, we’re uncovering the biggest advantages of hiring a PEO in Costa Rica, and also uncovering some of the drawbacks to doing so. By the end of this piece, you’ll no doubt know... (more)


Business Expansion to Colombia, Peru or Chile: Hiring through A PEO

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 11, 2018

As Latin American countries such as Colombia, Peru and Chile become more attractive options for brands in other countries, more are investing in Professional Employer Organisation services to hire talent, without having to register a business and incur the risks and costs associated.

In today’s post, we’re peeling the lid off of PEO in Colombia, Peru and Chile, and demonstrating the reasons why you should consider a similar strategy if you want to take your business global.

Why expand into Colombia, Peru or Chile?

With a population of 48,653,419... (more)


5 best places to visit in Thailand

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 3, 2018

There is an old Chinese saying that says “traveling a mile give you more knowledge than reading 1000 pages of a book”. People who love traveling always have Thailand in the list of countries that they want to visit.

What makes the place so popular?

The country has a lot to offer for every visitor, and its tourism is one of the prime factors behind its growth. With so many places that are popular and worthy of traveling a Short trip to Thailand can be difficult to plan. You will find multiple reasons to visit this beautiful country. It has a perfect blend of the... (more)


5 fantastic tips to excel at GTA 5

By johnkelvin318, published on Aug 30, 2018

Grand theft auto game from Rockstar games can be considered as one of the most popular games of all times. Just like the previous version of grand theft auto, the fifth version has also been a big a success. The game is famous for its gameplay design that keeps you involved for a long time and equally famous is the multiplayer mode wherein you can interact you can play with your friends easily.

How to play the game well?

The game is not only appreciated for design and high-quality graphic but also because of its competitive game design. Any amateur player will find... (more)


5 best Christmas movies to watch on Christmas Eve

By johnkelvin318, published on Aug 29, 2018

Christmas is one time of year when the entire Family comes together to celebrate the festive season. People love to go out to eat together and also watch their favorite movies. There are numerous films that you can watch along with your family however people often get confused because of the tons of available options. On television, multiple shows are organized specially for the Christmas Eve, but the fun and happiness of watching a great Christmas movie cannot be matched.

To have the best experience, you need to select the right movie, and the choice will depend upon various... (more)


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