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A Quick Guide To Malabrigo Yarn

By johnkelvin318, published on May 1, 2018

Malabrigo yarn is some of the highest quality yarn you can buy. Made out of facilities in Uruguay, the yarn is hand dyed and packaged by employees and then shipped out to various countries to meet your crafting needs. Malabrigo yarn began as a small business out of a kitchen before it grew into a global company. Malabrigo prides itself in its sustainable practices as well as maintaining some of the highest quality products in the industry. Below are the different yarns that Malabrigo offers and useful information on each. This information can also be found on Malabrigo’s website here.

... (more)


Top Skills a Supervisor Needs

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 28, 2018

In order to be a supervisor, you need to encompass a few key skills and characteristics. Luckily, not all of these skills need to come naturally, many can actually be learned and even refined. If you’re applying for a supervising position or are up for a promotion, you should be honest with yourself about if you possess the following 10 supervisor skills.

Great communication skills: a supervisor should be able to information with their employees effectively and concisely. They also need to be able to listen to their employees and understand their needs. A great supervisor skill to... (more)


The Right Filters for the Average Home

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 28, 2018

The modern home is capable of being a work of art, reflecting both personality and trends. However, a home’s decor is less impressive when hidden under a fine layer of dirt and dust. Any effort put into making a home presentable is also less impressionable when the people inside are having difficulty breathing. Dirty, hot, stale air leaves a large impression on anyone who breathes it in and can quickly ruin a home’s image in moments. Air filters keep a home’s air quality up, and lower the chance of guests becoming uncomfortable.

Air Quality and Filtration

Airflow... (more)


Becoming Part of The Lawyers of Distinction Twitter Page

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 28, 2018

Even if you’re a very successful lawyer in your field, there is always room to grow. At some point in your career, you’ll probably find yourself at a stand still, where it seems like you’ve reached your max amount of clients and taken on as many new attorneys as you possibly could. You won’t feel this way after you’ve become a member of Lawyers of Distinction.

Marketing and advertising budgets can get hefty is you’re looking for things like SEO and pay per click services. Both will definitely increase the traffic on your website, but is it worth the monthly expense?... (more)


Best Gift Ideas for People Who Love the Beach

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 28, 2018

We all know at least one person who is obsessed with the beach and the sea. Call them beach-goers, thalassophiles, or beach freaks, but one thing is sure, some people are truly ecstatic when they feel the hot sand under their feet and the sea breeze in their hair. Whether you have a friend like that, or you are a beach lover yourself, we have some must have items that would make any beach-goer happy.

1. A waterproof wireless speaker

Sure, the sound of the waves is just like music for some people, but a day at the beach will always be better if you listen to your favorite music,... (more)


How an interior update to your vacation rental can benefit your business

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 26, 2018

Do you own a vacation rental? Is your guest's list falling out? If this is true, then you need to take a closer look. Maybe you are failing to impress your guests at some point or the other. Cost of stay is not the sole consideration to buy your rental you must clear this.

Guests will come to your vacation rental when you offer them comfort, ambiance along with other amenities. So what are these amenities or ambiance all about? A place with a living area, a comfortable bedroom, and a clean bathroom, is at everyone's home, what are your offering? A house or a memory? That is important!... (more)


5 reasons why governments should adapt cryptocurrency

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 25, 2018

Governments seem to wake up to realities later than everyone else. The idea of digital currency following a cryptographic method for instance came up through the efforts of certain groups and individuals. Nations denied the legitimacy of this alternative financial circulation method. Now though things have come to such a pass that they have to co-opt these transactions. The following reasons explain why:

Increasing digital transactions

Everyone knows better than to use paper money only for transactions. Online is where most of the world is any case. To keep up with... (more)


Getting Your Commercial Window Glass Fixed in A Hurry

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 20, 2018

Window glass adds both elegance and beauty to your commercial property. It is widely used in the working environment. Though, unfortunately, accidents and other hassles do happen to the window glass. Hence, it is significant to keep your commercial window glass in your office properly maintained and protected. Even the tiny crack in your commercial window glass is dangerous. Many experts recommend that window glass is promptly replaced or repaired even in case of any slightest damage. If broken or chipped, the overall strength of your window is previously sacrificed, making it possibly dangerous... (more)


Skin Care Tips for a Beautiful Skin

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 20, 2018

Everyone wants to look beautiful. However, most people concentrate on makeup to look beautiful. While makeup is a good way of expressing yourself and also to enhance your features, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours on your mirror applying it. What I mean is that there are various ways to make you look beautiful and boost your confidence.

Your diet

Remember the phrase that you are what you eat, well this is what we are talking about here. If you want to achieve a healthy skin, then a nutritious diet should be your main focus. Take enough of the foods rich... (more)


How Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Can Be Great Tools

By johnkelvin318, published on Apr 20, 2018

Virtual reality and augmented reality or simply AR and VR are emerging technologies that are gaining more popularity every single day. This is due to the fact that such technologies can be used in virtually every aspect of our daily lives. If you are not familiar with the whole concept of AR and VR, all you need to know is that Virtual Reality allow users to experience complete immersion by creating objects, things and sometimes people and animals that are not found in the real world.

This is basically achieved by using VR headsets and other VR supported gear to give the user... (more)


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