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6 Crucial Elements of Modern Web Design

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 17, 2018

Modern web design is a relative phrase. While some people might think that any site designed in 2010 is modern, web design experts have seen many new changes over the last one year, and according to them, anything pre-2018 is outdated.

Gone are the days when sites used to be all fancy. Today, web design experts are focusing more on the site’s functionality and usability. After all, a more functional site can help generate more leads and increase conversions. Here are the six crucial elements of website design that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Speed optimization

... (more)


How NLP can help relieve stress and improve your wellness

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 17, 2018

NLP or neuro-linguistic programming is a stream of psychology and study of the pattern of past behavior to determine the present mental and physical development of a human being. Today most psychologists are paying a lot of attention to this relatively new theory and are getting good results.

Concept of NLP

Pioneered by John Grinder and Richard Bandler during the 1970’s the NLP are a fostering approach towards personal development, communication, and psychotherapy.

Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach towards learning how your brain works or understand... (more)


Hamilton New Zealand Becoming a Central Business Hub

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 16, 2018

When people mention New Zealand and business, most tend to mention Auckland, Christchurch or the country’s capital of Wellington. However, more recently there has been a huge increase in businesses listing themselves in Hamilton. This growth is said to have made Hamilton a valuable business hub as the city’s businesses contribute to over 3.4% of the national GDP.

The city, which is on New Zealand’s North Island south of Auckland, has grown exponentially over the last decade in terms of tourism and commerce. Now Hamilton is starting to put itself forward as one of New Zealand’s... (more)


10 Tips to liven up your ideas with Power Point 2010

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 16, 2018

Throughout the month we have invited you to discover how to bring your ideas to life with the different tools of Office 2010. This week we conclude with the latest tool in the suite: Power Point 2010, the creator of presentations used by students, teachers, professionals and even children, the new 2010 version offers more ways than ever to create and share dynamic presentations. New and striking visual and audio capabilities will help you tell a story with almost cinematic quality, as easy to create as it is attractive to watch. In addition, now PowerPoint 2010 allows you to work simultaneously... (more)


A Beginners Guide to Trading Pin Bars

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 12, 2018

One of the primary skills you need to acquire as a Rakuten forex trader is knowing how to trade pin bars. This is because pin bars are the most common price action patterns you will see form on your trading charts. Lucky for you, trading pin bars on their own is not as difficult as other people make it out to be. This is because you only require a small amount of knowledge on why pin bars form in the market which you can easily research on.

You need to understand pin bars on a much deeper level if you want to use them as a viable trading strategy. You can acquire this knowledge... (more)


Why considering reviews on latest technology and launches are important

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 10, 2018

Well, technology never misses to amaze you, right. The time you buy your latest 3GB Ram smartphone and the moment you start feeling content of having the best comes Oneplus 6T. Now what? All of a sudden your new addition becomes obsolete.

So it is with everything that revolves around technology. It is the very inherent nature of technology to advance and progress.

Almost everybody like to own the latest technology and stay updated with all the progressions. It makes you look sophisticated and is undoubtedly beneficial in all aspects. Technology makes our lives simple... (more)


Top Trends & Colors for autumn 2018 you should embrace

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 8, 2018

As we mourn the summer sun and reminisce on the good times we had – even as we say goodbye to swimsuits, we cannot forget to get excited for autumn!

Autumn presents the perfect opportunity to cozy up, try different layers and experiment with color. Drawing inspiration from catwalks, magazines, and tabloids, here are the new trends that you should try out this Autumn 2018.

Autumn Color Trends to Wear

Break away from the loud, bright and sometimes garish colors of the summer and embrace the warmer natural colors that blend perfectly with the Autumnal... (more)


QNAP vs. Synology which is better?

By johnkelvin318, published on Oct 1, 2018

To protect and optimize data storage in any device, the use of a network attached storage is a must. There are plenty of such online tools, but if you search on the internet, you will find that the Synology and QNAP are the two most popular options. Selecting one among them is not an easy job especially if you have adequate technical expertise.

What basis to chose between the two?

Every individual has a different set of requirements and expectations from such a NAS, and if you are looking for the perfect choice, you must compare among multiple parameters to come down... (more)



By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 27, 2018

Many articles have exposed the extensive issue of prosecutorial misconduct, including a recent article raising concerns about the San Francisco City Attorneys’ allowance of false evidence in the tumultuous case City of San Francisco v. Kihagi despite knowledge of fact.

In an effort to amass ammunition (whether true or not) against local African American landlord Anna Kihagi, the City Attorney had been spying on her for months with the help of nasty tenants. In one attempt, the City sent an investigator to see if the landlord was renting out a restricted unit and ultimately confirmed... (more)


GPS Trackers and Other Things You Need When You Go on a Long Hike

By johnkelvin318, published on Sep 27, 2018

Hiking is a wonderful undertaking. You get the chance to experience the great outdoors and get in touch with nature.At a time when most people spend too much time in their offices or on their couches watching other people do exciting things, hiking offers way for us to get some fresh air and exercise and have fun as well.

Many people enjoy going on Long hikes through forests, of mountains or hills, and in uncharted areas. They like to be totally disconnected from civilization and live or short period of time naturally as their ancestors lived centuries ago. These feelings are... (more)


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