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Buying Steroids Online

By john_arnolds, published on Sep 26, 2009

As many people I’ve grown accustomed to buying stuff on the net - from software and music, computer-hardware, to some really weird items from ebay. The thing is, it grows on you, and once you get used to it you have certain expectations that one reflects on all internet dealings.

As all things in life this has positive and negative consequences though. On one hand I’m more and more trusting towards all internet offerings and in most cases this is a good thing. Years ago I could never imagine trusting some guy on ebay to send me the newest Dell computer for half of retail price. These... (more)

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Do All You Can Do With The Shipping Address

By john_arnolds, published on Jan 7, 2008

You just found a reliable supplier who got a couple of packages to you no problem. But now you would like to order a whole cycle, not only you want to get everything home before you start your cycle, a complete cycle is also cheaper. But now a problem presents itself. You didn't really mind losing a small package worth fifty or so bucks, but this one is a big one and when couple of hundreds of dollars are at stake you want to make sure there is no interference by anyone. Not to mention any problems you might have should the package be intercepted with your name on it.

Normally,... (more)

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