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Practically Useful Advice for Buying Sports Exhaust Systems

By joeanderson, published on May 28, 2015

Sports exhaust systems or performance exhaust systems help improve the overall engine flow. Engine efficiency is improved by upgrading the exhaust and the intake. Unlike factor exhaust systems that have smaller diameter baffles, bends, and piping and which limit the flow of the exhaust, performance exhaust systems offer a large diameter. They reduce obstructions and increase engine power and efficiency.

If you are interested in buying performance exhaust systems, keep the following facts about exhaust systems in mind.

Exhaust system types

There are four main types of exhaust... (more)

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Women Drivers & Insurance in UK

By joeanderson, published on Nov 18, 2014

Women have always been considered to be better drivers when compared to men. They have always been awarded with cheaper car insurance as they have fewer accidents and make lesser claims.

Although men account for nearly 92% of all driving convictions in the UK, and mind boggling 98% of all dangerous driving convictions, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled in 2011 that it was illegal to take into account gender while calculating the premium. This has resulted in almost 30% increase in female car insurance premiums.

Although gender is no longer considered an issue, but... (more)

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