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Lithuanian ‘Nuremberg’ reached a dead end

By Joe Hashever, published on Jun 10, 2016

As you know, on January 27, 2016, the Vilnius County Court opened hearings into the January 13, 1991 case. At that time, during clashes between demonstrators who stood for Lithuania’s independence from the USSR, and Soviet military, 14 people were killed, including 13 civilians and one operative of the KGB Alpha Group.

Lithuanian 'Nuremberg' reached a dead end from Imri Araius on Vimeo.

Brief historical excursus

On March 11, 1990, the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic headed by Vytautas Landsbergis declared Lithuania’s independence and... (more)


Electoral mockery in the United States: a view from within

By Joe Hashever, published on Jun 8, 2016

Party conventions erupt into mass protests because of unfair allocation of delegates.

“No, this isn’t a picture of the North Korea Party Congress. It’s from today’s #nvdemsconvention #NevadaConvention”

And it’s easy to understand the people, Nevada’s democratic delegate allocation process is not only intricate and complex – this year the rules had been changed at the last moment which enabled Hillary Clinton to steal most part of the delegates from Bernie Sanders. Before that Senator Sanders beat former U.S. State Secretary Clinton 56% to 44% in Wyoming. Yet, due to... (more)

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Independent Journalists:

By Joe Hashever, published on Jun 3, 2016

Information war has become an integral part of the present-day world. The influence of mass media (in the broad sense of this word) on society is enormous now. The one, who has control over information, is controlling public opinion and makes a significant impact on policymaking circles.

In such authoritarian countries as Iran, Russia, Syria and North Korea political propaganda, which can't have or involve interpretation of events that differs from official line, is perhaps the only source of information. Our task is to help our readers (including those ones who can receive... (more)

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Lithuania of Dalia Grybauskaite

By Joe Hashever, published on May 30, 2016

Performance of a country's president is best measured by the living standards of people, and they have fallen sharply in Lithuania of Dalia Grybauskaite over the past several years. The main reason why the Lithuanians have become so poor lies in the short-sighted policy of Mrs. Grybauskaite, whose decisions made as president, at least most part of them, run counter to the interests of the people in that country. Reaction to Russia's imposing food embargo on the EU countries is an outstanding example of it, since it was the Lithuanian agricultural producers who suffered the most from... (more)


Royal Democracy

By Joe Hashever, published on May 30, 2016

Recently, the referendum on the EU association agreement with Ukraine was held in the Netherlands. The event has broad resonance among wide sections of the public. A lot of people began to wonder how to support the rising wave of opposition to the EU bureaucratic apparatus. After all, democracy, which is so much talked about out loud in Europe, is the rule of people. Ordinary Europeans do not want to feed up some strangers at their own expense; and the precedent inspires them with new attainments.

The leading European politicians cannot but understand it; and it is also difficult... (more)

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Sponsors of Islamists invest into Hillary

By Joe Hashever, published on May 9, 2016

This person is out of any legal or moral rules. She should be a hard-boiled egg so that she could manage to gain support of either Jewish tycoons (Rockefeller, Soros), or Muslim zealots (Fetullah Gulen’s followers).

She is so convincing that an obedient herd of voters have been praising her effusively, but taking no notice of unscrupulous actions of the future U.S. President. Also at first glance such citizens’ and non-citizens’ willingness to donate millions of dollars to Clinton’s presidential race resembles sect or mass hypnosis.

It is noteworthy that in spite her vast... (more)


Hiding information about health of Polish ruling party head

By Joe Hashever, published on May 5, 2016

On the 20th of February 2016 the information that the head of Poland’s governing party Law and Justice, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, possibly has a genetic disease known as Fragile X syndrome (FXS), appeared on the Internet. It became known from a letter of German politician Sabine Boeddinghaus, member of Die Linke party, towards Polish specialists in molecular genetics Donata Kurpas and Marcin Wozniak with a request to provide an expert judgment of medical report received from Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and give commentary on assumption that Jaroslaw Kaczynxki has a disease. But for the... (more)


The buffoon phenomenon: America resists the System

By Joe Hashever, published on Mar 22, 2016

At first glance the situation seems quite absurd and unpredictable. Thus Jeb Bush dropped out of the race in spite of over $100 million of donors’ donations and of Republicans’ last year hopes on his name awareness. Ready at hand Clinton kisses with former KKK member Robert Byrd and receives promise of support from the actual KKK leader. Next moment she wins another primary in Mississippi thanks to 86% of black voters.

Results of preliminary polls suggest fabrication. Also it turns out that you can win owing to a coin toss, as it happened in Iowa. And in Nevada ace of clubs... (more)

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