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What Types of Engineering Jobs are Available?

By Jobtonic, published on Dec 21, 2015

No matter your passion or interests, you’re sure to find an engineering job you’ll love. What types of jobs are available?


Electrical engineers are in charge of installing, operating and maintaining electrical equipment, systems and machines. These skilled engineers are involved in just about every aspect of the process, including design, testing and production.

As an electrical engineer, you may be tasked with developing and planning electrical components, creating electrical infrastructure for cities, or inventing new technologies.


If you have an... (more)

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Useful tips for house renting

By Jobtonic, published on Nov 30, 2015

Different life conditions make people live in a rented property. However, there is common knowledge that it is difficult to find a good property owner the same as it is simply impossible to find good tenants that will care of the property. Nevertheless, if you are scouting for a rented house now, we offer you some useful tips to ease this process to you and to protect you from some unexpected problems.

Rental laws can be slightly different in various parts of the country, but there are some general points that are applied everywhere. The companies renting some property do not face the... (more)

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Trends in the Education Sector

By Jobtonic, published on Nov 19, 2015

What are the current trends in the education sector in India? We’re seeing a lot of Indian students, nearly 2 million, that are seeking their higher education overseas. Many students have aspirations of getting a foreign education, but several hurdles will get in the way of the student's dreams.

Major issues occur due to language barriers, financial barriers and general differences in education seen in places like Europe, the United States and Russia.

You also have the major obstacle of getting a visa, which can be very difficult for a student. Cuts in funding abroad has caused... (more)

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Tips on how to purchase the right property

By Jobtonic, published on Aug 29, 2015

Real estate is one of the top most services in which they can act as realtors for buying and selling the property at affordable rates. In fact, there are lots of people are highly rendering for the affordable and best investors to buy for the property for their need and preference. However, most of the people are choosing the top notch developers for buying the property as per their need and want. Also, they must render for the Pune city to settle well in future and buy the residence without any ease. Therefore, you need to render for the best properties in the site At very... (more)

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