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Nevada: A Consumer Hostile State

By Joan Westin, published on Dec 2, 2009

A notorious reputation of intimating people and filing harassment charges against the people who stand up and speak out against corrupt corporations and immoral or illegal behavior only lasts so long before people rightfully snap and fight back. In the 1980’s, Nevada had such poor regulation of securities that it was known as the Securities Fraud Capital. Now it’s the Mortgage Fraud Capital due to the deficient regulation and enforcement by the Nevada Real Estate Division, Nevada Mortgage Division, and the Nevada Attorney General, as well as its corrupt judges, which I understand from... (more)

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Blogs Are Not A Powerless Echo Chamber

By Joan Westin, published on Mar 9, 2009

Internet-based liberal activist’s have outed the identities of the villains and traitors. For example, Craig’s exposes reach because there are clear distinctions between good and evil. In our so-loved entertainment culture, these type of powerful stories are what sustains citizen involvement. The postings of this outrage and the compiling up of rap sheets broke the stillness and reinforces the narrative. The Internet hum of discontent is growing. The wave grows until it crashes into the national consciousness.

Exposes are on-going soap-operas, narrative, entertainment of the highest... (more)

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