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The Art Of Blunder, Or How To Be A Failure And Still Get Rewarded

By JN.PAQUET, published on Apr 19, 2009

No one would ever imagine that the UK terror chief could, deliberately or not, show off an ultra-confidential and ultra-sensitive piece of information to the press about a current anti-terrorist operation, which, if disclosed, could actually jeopardise the whole of the operation and put at risk the agents involved. Even in a James Bond film…


Unfortunately sometimes real life goes far beyond the fiction! Unbelievable yet true, last Wednesday, Bob Quick, the most senior counter-terrorism officer in the United Kingdom, was photographed in... (more)

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Obama-sarkozy: The War Of The Worlds

By JN.PAQUET, published on Apr 6, 2009

At the end of the G20 summit last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a press conference that he was « happy » with the accomplishments made by the 20 leaders, mainly with the new international financial system regulation, which « goes even beyond what we could have imagined. I have never seen anything like that! », he added.

But two worlds (or should we say two visions of the same world) opposed each other before and during the G20. Nicolas Sarkozy’s (little nervous Frenchman, slightly isolated in the world, but with an idol: Napoleon…)... (more)

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