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7 Ways a Smartphone Can Help You Manage Your Finances On the

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 31, 2018

In this age of technology, we seem to get what we want with just a click of a button. Technology has made getting many tasks done easier, especially in this fast-paced world we live in. Finances are one of the many important tasks that can now be mastered with a smartphone. Here are seven ways a smartphone can help you manage your finances on the move, saving you time and resources.

Banking via Mobile

Image via Flickr by Janitors

Millennials are stepping away from the regular walk-in banks in lieu of digital ones. Mobile banking is the modern... (more)


Germany: A High Culture Jewelry Centre

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 31, 2018

Germany has a long tradition of making jewelry. Find out a collective tribe of creative jewelers who are flourishing there.

Germany has a long and rich history of jewelry production, especially in the city of Pforzheim. The thriving watch and jewelry industry in Pforzheim is called the "City of Gold."

Germany's Jewelry Tradition

The tradition dates back to 1767 when the Lord of the City founded a watch and jewelry factory in the local orphanage. Today, Pforzheim houses the world's only jewelry museum with exhibitions dating back more than... (more)


Applications for Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 30, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the very way we approach a number of previously manual tasks. The ecommerce industry is no exception. Any entrepreneur will tell you there are many exciting applications for artificial intelligence in ecommerce, either currently in use or visible on the near horizon. These AI functions aim to create a more seamless online shopping experience for buyers while streamlining processes for sellers.

Here are just a few notable examples of AI in ecommerce.

Making Product Recommendations

As a shopper, you may be... (more)


Top Tips to Maximize ROI with SEO

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 30, 2018

SEO is transforming the old school marketing into something more intelligent. Website optimization, designing, content, branding, marketing and social media are some important aspects of the job today. All these features directly intervene with the customer’s psychology of buying products. Facilitating communication is the best bet for providers of SEO services India.

Establishing that, SEO officers have been viewing SEO as a way to maximum businesses ROI to a certain extent. There are a few things where your e-commerce SEO services can help maximize your ROI. Here are... (more)


Save energy taking care of your HVAC unit

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 30, 2018

According to a recent study, of the people who own HVAC systems, only half of them actually take time to maintain them. This despite the fact that good maintenance of an HVAC system extends the life of the entire system, ensures that every component is functioning on high, leads to fresher air and most importantly, helps cut on energy costs to a great extent.

On estimate, regular maintenance of your HVAC system can cut energy costs by up to 50%. This, of course, depends on many factors such as the size of the system, the building being served by the system, the prevailing weather,... (more)


Become a Happier You - It’s Closer Than You Think

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 30, 2018

Being happy is one of the most important things in life because this can leave you much happier and more fulfilled. There are so many different things that can impact upon your life these days, and many of them do a lot to improve your happiness. You must understand that the happier you are the healthier you are, and the more areas of your life will improve.

The problem is, it’s not simply a case of saying you need to be happier - getting proactive about it is a process. It’s actually much more doable than you might think, but you need to understand what makes you happy and seek... (more)


How Do Lenders Check your Eligibility for Personal Loans?

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 26, 2018

You may need to avail Personal Loans for meeting a range of needs. Since these loans are unsecured, lenders are stringent about verifying your ability to repay the loan before sanctioning it. They do this by ensuring that you match the requisite eligibility criteria, which varies from lender to lender, and from one loan to another.

Meet the lender’s eligibility criteria to maximize your chances to get Personal Loan approval. Basic requirements include being a citizen of India and at least 21 years of age. Lenders also pay attention to the following factors to gauge... (more)


The Italian Bucket List: 10 Cool Things to Do In Italy

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 23, 2018

Are you planning to go to Italy for your next vacation? Well, then you should get geared up for some crazy things that you can do while you are there in Italy. Without experiencing these things in Italy your visit will just be incomplete. While you enjoy your stay in the luxurious Italian mansion, plan for the things that you can do in order to have the best vacation of your lifetime. If you have no idea about the craziest stuff that you can do, there is nothing to worry about because we have got you covered with our Italian bucket list.

The Italian Bucket List

Here... (more)


Top LED Light Bars for your home

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 23, 2018

Proper lighting is needed to avoid accidents that can be the result of darkness. In absence of light many mishaps can take place which need to be stopped. To get a well-lit area you will need to install light bars. Light bars contain more than one bulb and provide ample light. When choosing light bars there is a variety you can choose from. The best light bars are the ones which are LED based. The key points to focus on when choosing a light bar are the intensity of light it produces, the output power it supplies, the many environments it can survive and the functionality it has to offer.... (more)


How to Make Money from Arts & Crafts Online

By jhonsonjohn7590, published on May 22, 2018

If you have ever spent time creating jewelry or art as a hobby, you may have held aspirations of turning it into a profession. More and more people these days are doing just that and are capitalizing on a growing creating-to-sell industry.

With just a few arts and crafts supplies, working professionals are creating products to sell for sizeable profits. Others are taking skills they have learned in college to produce art which they can sell online, starting their own businesses in the process. With a little time and the right application, these savvy operators can then quit their... (more)


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