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Ten Morals Fathers Should Bestow Upon Their Sons

By Jesse Lee, published on Sep 16, 2006

I have been a father now for two years and my son amazes me on a daily basis. His wonder and excitement over the mundane inspire me to look closer at the legacy I need to leave for him to follow. He brings out the kid in me, as well as the philosopher and the sentimental schmuck. These ten easy to live by morals are things I must first strive for in myself before I can hope to see them in my son. 1. Tolerate the ignorant because they don’t know any better. Tolerance is word that normally pertains to race, creed or religion. But we must also tolerate the ignorant, who do not practice tolerance... (more)

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Irreversible, Irresistible

By Jesse Lee, published on Sep 16, 2006

I recently came a across a small gem, hidden amongst the other “foreign” films carelessly tossed on a secluded shelf, collecting dust. I have usually been forced to buy certain hard to find movies before ever seeing them because the local Hollywood Video has a more main stream selection. The cover was quite striking and that is usually a good precursor. The word Irreversible runs vertically down the left side of the cover with a woman standing to the right of it. That woman was what caught my attention. In front of a black backdrop, cast in shadow, staring, longingly maybe, off into the distance.... (more)

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