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The Amy Winehouse Catastrophe

By Jessamyn Cuneo, published on Dec 24, 2007

It appears that with Amy Winehouse’s destiny comes a tremendous burden. Many, many musicians have battled her battle before her; the battle of how to handle an incredible gift with a deeply depressed mind. Many have lost, and some have won. The last year has proven to be a tumultuous one for Winehouse, and we’ve all left wondering which side she’ll end up on. The success of her second album, Back to Black, seems to have coincided with the young diva’s plans to lose herself to her horrific relationships with both the jerk-off in the fedora (but I’m sure he’s charismatic as hell...)... (more)

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Why They Shoot

By Jessamyn Cuneo, published on Apr 25, 2007

One of the most troubling aspects of the recent Virginia Tech tragedy is the degree to which it’s been talked about. This amount of silence on the issue is horribly unsettling. When Columbine went down, it was the subject of conversations for months. The fear of people in trench coats still exists today. Everyone saw the Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore documentary. The fact that in the recent months, we saw more media response and had more conversations about the death of Anna Nicole Smith is pretty sobering. The more that these shootings happen, the less it seems that we understand them,... (more)

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How to Keep Your Friends and Your Bad Relationship

By Jessamyn Cuneo, published on Jan 8, 2007

Bad relationships are like bad habits: So enticing and thrilling in the beginning. So addictive, you’re hardly aware of the dangerously-building momentum. Next thing you know, you’re hooked. There are no visible exits. You think you’re “in love,” but only because you seem to have lost your mind, and you’ve always heard that that’s what love is supposed to be like. The usual reaction to this situation is to talk to your friends and family members. Filling them in on some of the details makes you feel more in control. Alas, all your friends seem able to do is offer the advice to... (more)


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